Morgan Freeman says he doesn’t like Black History Month or the term “African American” … and views both as insulting.

The actor makes his feelings known in an interview with The Sunday Times, telling the UK publication … “Black History Month is an insult. You’re going to relegate my history to a month?”

Morgan feels the same way about “African American,” explaining … “I don’t subscribe to that title. Black people have had different titles all the way back to the n-word and I do not know how these things get such a grip, but everyone uses ‘African American.’ What does it really mean? Most Black people in this part of the world are mongrels. And you say Africa as if it’s a country when it’s a continent, like Europe.”

Morgan made the comments in response to a question about an old TV interview he gave way back in 2005 … when he said the only way to end racism is to stop talking about race.

In the old interview, Morgan tells the TV host … “I’m going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.”

The Sunday Times asked if he still feels the same way, 18 years later, and that’s when he went off about Black History Month and using “African American” … reportedly raising his voice as he explained his view.

When the interviewer quoted Denzel Washington as once saying, “I’m very proud to be Black, but Black is not all I am,” Morgan says … “Yes, exactly. I’m in total agreement. You can’t define me that way.”

It’s a rare interview from Morgan, who is promoting his work in a new movie, “A Good Person.”

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