Single Mom Of Five Who Won The Internet’s Heart With Her Law School Graduation Photos, Is Now An Assistant County Attorney – Video

The Internet fell in love with a single mother of five who shared her law school graduation photos, and she is now working as an assistant county attorney – video.

Ieshia Champs is one person who comes to mind. She is a mother of five and graduated from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law with a law degree. Not only did she graduate with honours, but she was also able to inspire others by spreading a positive message through the photoshoots that she conducted.

This contributed to her going viral. Ieshia can be seen in the picture cradling all five of her children while also holding a whiteboard with a variety of words scrawled on it. Some of the phrases that can be seen on the whiteboard include “I did it,” “I helped,” and “We did it.” That was a really beautiful and touching way to put a frame around a family photograph.

Now, after a lot of years have passed, she is working in the profession that she has always wanted to work in as an assistant county attorney in Harris County’s Children’s Protection Practice Group, which fulfils a dream that she has had her entire life. Because she was raised in foster care for the majority of her youth and has prior experience working as an intern at the office of the Harris County Attorney, the acquisition of a new employment is a huge accomplishment for her. It is reported that Attorney Ieshia stated that someone who was an advocate in the past now possesses the potential to fight for the same cause and recall her experience.

Ms. Champions is a test that, according to County Attorney Vince Ryan, anyone who has ever struggled against hurdles in life that were utterly unforeseen should be prepared to take. In addition, it was a stroke of good luck for them that she went to their place of employment; there, she will have the opportunity to continue to shape the trajectory of their lives by imparting the inspirational and instructive wisdom she has gained.
Ieshia’s life has been filled with a number of unanticipated setbacks, some of which include the loss of her job, her house, and everything in it, and the death of her husband while she was pregnant; all of these tragedies took place in 2009.

Nevertheless, Ms. Ieshia Champs is currently not only living her best life, but she also has the satisfaction of knowing that she has made a contribution as a mother by which their children can look forwards to the future and pass it on to their generation in the years to come. Despite this, Ms. Ieshia Champs is currently not only living her best life, but she also has the satisfaction of knowing that she is currently living her best life.


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