Women are wearing ‘subway shirts’ over outfits to avoid ‘creepy’ stares

You may have heard of ‘bus pants’ courtesy of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, but ‘subway shirts’ are the latest article of clothing taking over TikTok.

However, the trend has a pretty serious reason for it.

Women have taken to the social media platform to reveal the precautions they are taking on public transport to avoid unwanted attention for their choice of outfits.

While the weather is heating up, many women have revealed they are wearing larger, more modest overshirts over the top of their actual outfits to avoid creepy stares.

One user, who goes by @ideal.grace, shared a short clip of her in her subway shirt, adding: “It’s 85F in NYC so ladies don’t forget to bring your subway shirt!

“Otherwise known as an outfit dampener, it’s an oversized shirt we wear over our cute outfits so strange men don’t bother you on the train.”

She added in the caption: “Stay safe out there.”

Another user who goes by @rae.hersey shared a clip of her taking off a large white formal shirt to reveal a more fun, black top with cutout detailing when she had arrived to where she was headed.

She wrote in overlay text on the video: “When you arrive at your destination and can take off your subway shirt,” adding in the caption: “Just know if you see me in a white button down, the real fit is underneath.”

Another user, @fionaylin, added her own video, telling her followers: “Now that it’s finally getting warmer in New York, this is your reminder to always wear a subway shirt/jacket over your cute outfit to protect yourself.”

TikTok user @hanselkai added: “PSA: Ladies, now that it’s hot out, don’t forget to bring your subway/commute overshirt. Stay hot, stay sexy, stay safe from creeps!”

The videos have been viewed millions of times in total, with many users showing off their own subway shirts in order to stay safe from potential predators.

And while most women in the comments could relate to the need for a subway shirt, many were saddened by the fact they are necessary at all.

One commented: “Isn’t it sad we have to ‘dress down’ while travelling via train/bus? I 100% agree with you.”

Others wrote: “fashion safety layer”, “the men blocker” and “sad but necessary”, while another commented: “I was today years old when I found out subway shirts were a thing and this makes me so sad.”

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Credit: TikTok

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Credit: TikTok

And while many swore by the trick to avoid unwanted glances, others proved that true creeps aren’t put off by a subway shirt – or other oversized clothing.

One revealed: “I stopped trying when I was cat called in 2xl sweatpants, CROCS and a 2x t-shirt (I’m a size medium)”, as another added: “This is facts. I was wearing a bodysuit that covered everything and a sweater on top and I’m still getting men staring. NYC men r so disgusting.”

A third commented: “They still find a way,” to which the original posted concurred: “They do :(“.

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Credit: TikTok

While it may not ward off the most determined of starers, subway shirts are definitely a great idea if they make you feel safer on your travels.

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