An old lady turns in nearly $15K that she found walking to work, but she gets a much bigger reward.

While walking to work, a 65-year-old woman spots a win of almost $15,000 and receives a much larger prize.

An act of kindness always makes a big difference no matter how small or big it is.

65-year-old Diane Gordon walks three miles every day to go for work. About three years ago, her car broke down and she was unable to get the money to fix it because her money was tight.

One day, while Diane was walking to work, she stopped at a gas station for food. She noticed a bag on the ground with a lot of money inside.

“I looked down and found a plastic bag with a large amount of money in it.”, she stated to WJBK. “There was even more money inside when you turned it over.”

Diane was completely taken aback. She wondered who could have lost that much money. Although she was aware that the $15,000 inside could solve many of her problems, she never even gave the money a second thought. On the other hand, the old woman immediately contacted the nearby police station.

“I need to call a police officer because this doesn’t belong to me.”, Diane stated.

It was easy to find the rightful owners because there was a card inside that said the money had been given to a couple who had married earlier that day.

“We were able to get the money back to them. There were wedding cards with a name on them.”, White Lake Township Police Department Chief Dan Keller stated in an interview with The Washington Post.

Diane’s behavior made the police surprised.

“She did not pause” The police chief said of Diane, “She didn’t question it.” It’s not often that a large sum of money is found and returned.”

One of the dispatchers who received Diane’s call decided to establish a GoFundMe page to help Diane pay for car repairs as a token of appreciation for her kindness.

Diane, on the other hand, received a brand-new Jeep from a nearby car dealership once the news got out. She was able to receive more than $82,000 as of the fundraising.

Her kindness was truly rewarded. She did the right thing, and she got a much bigger thank you than she could have ever imagined.

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