8 ways only a good man treats his woman in a relationship

1. He works to gain her trust

He tries hard to earn her trust, and will never do anything to betray her after she has gained confidence in him.

2. He is supportive

A good man will always have his woman’s back when she is trying to achieve her goals, dreams or desires. He will be there to support her in her career choices and will also help her overcome any difficulties.

3. He makes his woman feel beautiful, both inside and out

A good man will say to his woman that she is beautiful and find ways to assure her of that. He will do that by the way he touches her, treats or looks at her. He will notice and acknowledge the effort she makes and will always remind her how beautiful she is even during her “bad” days.

4. He makes her feel safe

Even though women can be very independent and strong, having a protective man besides her will make her even stronger and safer.

5. He never crosses the line

Disagreements and arguments are normal in every relationship, but as long as there is no abu$e or insults. A good man will know what to say in an argument and will always be careful not to hurt his woman with his words.

6. He keeps his promises

Every good man is aware of that. He will also open your eyes to see that people who don’t keep their promises are not worthy of your respect.

7. He is always honest

Honesty is extremely important foundation for a long-lasting and happy relationship. A good man knows this and will always be honest with his woman.

8. He always puts her first

He will never put her aside by being selfish or careless with his actions. It doesn’t mean he will kneel in front of her. He is already a strong man who appreciates himself enough and he has no problem being there for his partner.

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