7 People With Superpowers In Real Life

We have read many stories and seen many movies about superheroes. These people with superpowers all came down to a point: genetic mutations.

However, even though comic books and movies are made-up stories, we have some people with superpowers in real life. At least, that’s what they are called. All because of the genetic mutations that have given them unusual abilities!

Viral Strange will present you with these 7 people considered superheroes in real life.

1. Superboy Liam

Liam Hoekstra is a very unusual child. Liam came to this life with a lack of myostatin. His body produces muscle tissue easier than any other body.

It is a rare mutation, and scientists are not sure what causes it.

2. Megamind

Kim Peek was born in Utah. He had a brain defect that gifted him an unusual ability: Kim could read two pages of a book simultaneously and never forgot anything from what he read. His mental capacity was so fascinating, making him a “Megamind”.

During his life, he read 12,000 books. They made a movie about him called “Rain Man.”

3. People who don’t feel pain

Some people are gifted with the ability to not feel pain. Scientists have always been in search of ways to sedate and ease the pain.

However, this ability may not be such a gift because these people might injure themselves.

4. Extreme flexibility

Extreme flexibility? Say no more…

The Spanish actor Javier Botet has disproportionately long limbs. Also, his body is very flexible and it can twist. It can even be contorted like a rug.

5. The real Daredevil

Daniel Kish became blind when he was one year old. Losing his sight, Daniel developed the ability to see using echolocation, i.e, interpreting the sound reflected from the objects around him.

He clicks his tongue to tune the sounds coming from the surroundings.

6. The All-devouring Goatman

The all-devouring Goatman, aka Michael Lotito, aka Monsieur Mangetout, eats everything that a common person’s stomach would never. He eats TVs, bicycles, airplane parts, and many other objects.

Michael went into this “diet” for 48 years and was part of the Guinness Book of Records.

7. Seeing 100 Million Colors

A regular human can only see around 7 million colors because of the three light-sensitive cones. However, there is this woman who has four types of cones and can see up to 100 million colors!

Do you know someone else with “superpowers”? Do you consider these genetic mutations a gift or an anomaly? Tell us in the comments.

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