Furious mom destroys her own gender reveal party because she didn’t want another girl

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster of emotions at the best of times, but one expectant mother had a hard time keeping it together when she found out the gender of her unborn baby.

Part of the excitement of having a baby comes when you finally find out whether your little bundle of joy is going to be a boy or a girl.

Some parents choose to wait until the birth to find out what they’re having, while others simply can’t wait the whole nine months in suspense, often choosing to share the special moment they find out with their family and friends at a gender reveal party.

And while gender reveals are usually joyful occasions, one woman’s party went spectacularly wrong when she found out she was having yet another girl – and was less than happy about it.

A video has been shared on TikTok showing one mother taking it perhaps a little too far and actually destroying her baby shower party because she was so disappointed to find out she was having another daughter.

The video was captioned: “POV: When you destroy your own gender reveal because you didn’t want another girl,” as the poster added “Y’all I’m still in shock.”

The mother-to-be was seen flipping tables after the gender was revealed, with what appeared to be boxes spelling out the word ‘baby’ with pink and blue balloons inside strewn all over the floor.

She was then seen ripping off her sash in rage before walking off and leaving her guests saying: “Oh, she really mad! It’s ok. Aww,” at her disappointment.

A voice from behind the camera could also be heard saying: “I didn’t think she was for real…” before commenting “Oh s**t” as the camera panned across the destruction left in the pregnant woman’s wake.

The video has gone on to rack up over 1.1 million views and almost 18,000 comments as people quite literally couldn’t believe what they were seeing.
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Credit: TikTok

One commented: “Not “awww”… it’s me taking my gift back and leaving” while another simply added: “That’s wild.”

Others pointed out how disrespectful her behavior had been towards the effort her family and friends had put into the party, writing: “And they saying aww, doing all this for what. That was so ungrateful.”

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Credit: TikTok

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Credit: TikTok

One commenter pointed out that the baby she was carrying wouldn’t feel too good about her mum’s reaction when she’s old enough to see it, writing: “That’s gonna make the little girl feel so loved and wanted. I never cared if baby was a boy or a girl as long as baby was healthy.”

Another concurred, commenting: “A healthy baby is what’s important! That just hurts people’s feelings, ackward too,” while a third added: “I feel bad not only for the new baby, but all the little girls she already had seeing this reaction, they’ll never forget it.”

Some viewers were a little bit more sympathetic, writing: “I acted a fool as well. Its ok Sis” and “I feel that pain. I had 6 girls, never got a boy.”

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Credit: TikTok

Something tells us the photos from this gender reveal probably won’t be making it into the upcoming baby girl’s photo albums or memory boxes anytime soon…

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