Woman Pregnant With Triplet Stunned People With Her Unusual Bump

Michella Meier-Morsi, a mom-of-five, had people shocked when she shows her unusual baby bump. The Danish mom who had just welcomed her three babies, Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel, had quite the pregnancy period.

That’s because her bump is just “straight out” with visible veins around the belly button.

Her baby bump pictures made her famous as it went viral on her Instagram as well as on other platforms where it’s reshared. Michella latest video of her bump was taken at 35 weeks and two days where she had to carry her bump to show how long it is.

“The day before the day. Tomorrow morning we’ll be a family of seven.”

She also gave birth to a pair of twins before, which adds to her feeling of “overwhelmed” as it means she’ll have five children under three.

Michella recalled the 36-hour she spent in labor and C-section as the “wildest” times in her life before greeting her three new family members.

Michella shared the happy news with her 267k Instagram followers and continued to share updates on her family life.

Her pregnancy post has got people scared for her as it was really huge!

One user commented, “I’m speechless! You my dear are a SUPER HERO!”

“It’s wild how some babies grow straight out like that as opposed to up and down,” wrote another.

One noted, “That’s insane. Women are incredible. But oh my god the back pain.”

Another praised, “OMG what a woman.”

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