Blueface’s Sister Opens Up About Having A Mother Like Hers – “I got the bummiest family in the universe”

Blueface’s sister Kali Miller went on a Twitter rampage opening up about what it’s like having a mother like hers.

To give you some background Karlissa Saffold is Blueface and Kali’s mother. She raised the rapper and other siblings alone after she divorced Blue’s father Jonathan M Porter Sr.

Karlissa has currently married again and is based in Santa Clarita, California.

On Twitter Kali wrote:

Imagine having a mother like mine … you almost feel like you never had a chance anyway smh 🤦🏿‍♀️

I try to keep my distance from y’all cus I can see y’all can’t see 👀 but I think I’m have to leave it alone for good for my peace n sanity … I wish no ill will I just deserve a better loving family … I risked my whole life for you and you constantly show me I mean nothing to u

I know you only get one mom n I try to cherish her so much but she constantly smacks(not literal) me in the face like I’m her enemy… I don’t understand why .. you go hard for Blue 1st baby mama then you go for me smh …

I got the bummiest family in the universe…. Lord why you pick this for me … I know I’m A class but you surrounding me w D class … 🥺 lord help me to break this generation curse

Karlissa’s response to her daughter’s tweets:

Here is what happened in 2019

If you recall, back in 2019 Blueface kicked both his mom and his sister out of his California home after a fight and ended up apologizing after.

Kali has blamed her mother for breaking up her marriage after the fight she had with Blue’s current girlfriend Chrisean Rock. Kali and her husband allegedly confronted Chrisean for beating up Karlissa and he was eventually hospitalized.

At the time Kali said she only did what she thought was right, and said Chrisean apologized to her.

On Instagram Karlissa addressed the incident writing:

“It’s not my fault your husband left you. It’s not my fault he played sleep while they beat you up. It’s not my fault he took out over there. My husband bought you 2 cars after that pretend husband wrecked them. How dare you lie and say he would have me sleep in a car. Now you have no dad again,”


I’m not giving no Fs about none of these kids. Spoiled and ungrateful. Hell I still clean ALL they rooms and wash ALL they clothes. It’s time for momma to have a life. Take care of y’all own dogs, kids, and homes. I’m out..I quit,”

Kali responded:

“I’m the last real one in this family, imagine putting everything on the line for your mother and this is her response. Maybe y’all was right. I was a dumbass,”

Praying they all find some therapy outside of social media.

We ain’t got the answers Sway!

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