If You See A Penny Placed In Your Car Door Handle, THIS Is What It Means!

Car thieves are constantly coming up with inventive ways to break into your vehicle and steal your stuff. You may have heard rumors of technological tools being utilized to get into your car. However, other burglars employ a less complicated technique.
A penny or nickel has been used in a rash of robberies, of all things! How are they getting into your car with a coin? The thief inserts a nickel or cent into the passenger-side door handle whether your car is parked in your driveway or at a store parking lot. To what purpose?
They accompany you wherever you go. The passenger car door is stuck, thus trying to use your key for central locking won’t work. If they have the skills, they will be able to break into your car and steal whatever they want, including the vehicle itself!


Therefore, before getting into your automobile, make sure the passenger door handle is free of any coins. This strategy has also been used by thieves to rob you of your vehicle! In order to rule out the possibility that the robber has entered your trunk, it would be best to check the back seat or even phone 911.safer to be safe than sorry!

Watch the video below to learn how thieves are employing the “slider” tactic to steal your belongings while you are pumping gas at a gas station for additional information on how to avoid a car robbery. It provides you with preventative measures to help you stop this terrifying theft. Knowledge is power!

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