13 Types of Girls You Should Never Date

Guys are not the only ones who may ruin a relationship.
We believe and declare that men are flawed. Maybe. And we are, too. lots of us.

It’s about time we be honest and acknowledged that relationships can go wrong for a variety of reasons, not just the guys.

Being a girl myself, I could completely support my gender. But I can’t because I have so many instances of crazy women who ought to be held accountable for destroying relationships or dating fantastic guys for a variety of reasons.

Here are 13 types of women that you should never date, in my opinion.


Honey, where is the money?

I appreciate males for taking care of us and being gentlemanly. I might be autonomous, but in an outdated sense.

The difference is that the gold digger does not just anticipate that he will foot the bill for the movie and dinner. He is responsible for all costs. She is only remaining with him because he pays the bills, and that is the only reason. all her invoices. She will need to look for another sugar daddy if not.


Being ambitious is fine, but in a relationship you must compromise and reach an accommodation. It can be frustrating and tense if she is the one who must always have a point. Relationships are about mutual understanding, compromise, and exercising some flexibility; they are not contests where the winner is always declared.

It’s not a dictatorship where she has to be in charge all the time. However, it would never be successful with an alpha guy; only a beta male.


She desires the approval of your friends. Likewise, you. There is a narrow line between being overly cordial and going above and beyond to win people over. Furthermore, being too flirtatious would only harm your reputation and make her appear awful. Use this one with caution.


She needs you to always hold her hand, return all of her calls and messages, and have regular conversations with her. Very frequently… There is no room for buffering; everything must be done simultaneously and continuously. Absolute exhausting

She finds it offensive that you go out with the boys and then have the audacity to return home at three in the morning. She is permitted to leave the house or spend some alone time. No, you have to stand right there next to her.


Respect is due to everyone. She might be friendly toward you, I guess. However, it is a warning sign, my buddy, if you observe her treating waiters, housekeepers, or any other individuals like dirt. You can see her true colors by doing this.


She frequently cancels last-minute plans, changes her schedule, and arrives late. She has better things to do than the date, so she forgets things and leaves early. Absolutely pointless. Don’t stop, friend.


possessive, tyrannical, and envious… They are all the same, and uncertainty controls them.

They believe they will lose control if they don’t keep an eye on you, and God knows what you are capable of. They have this level of faith in you and them.

They will ask you, “Will you ever cheat on me?,” even if you don’t give them a cause. LOL

She’ll eventually go through your pockets, texts on your phone, emails, and social media. Because there must undoubtedly be something. And there must be a justification for them to argue against you and accuse you of not caring about her enough. Easily get rid of her!


There is nothing improper in dating a strong, independent woman.

I may be a woman, but this movement that attempts to empower us and widen doors has gone in the wrong direction because women have turned into menhaters who believe that everyone is inferior.

No, not at all. Many males are bad, but many women are also. And it is so arrogant and foolish to act as though we women are perfect and never make mistakes.

She will never stop reminding you that all the spooky things in the universe are exclusively the fault of men.

In the end, she will never allow you to be the guy you need to be due to her feminist beliefs. Very demeaning to a man.


She only made an effort for the first dates, but now she feels at ease. Far too cozy. Her hair is a mess, she doesn’t wear makeup, she weighs more than usual, her high heels are stashed in the back of her wardrobe, and her lipstick is an old favorite. She will eventually treat you the same way if she treats her disrespectfully.


Miss too harsh.

Who said that only men can belittle women? Oh boy! We have perfected the art of bugging and slamming you mercilessly. Anything is possible for us.

She will always make you feel inadequate, and you will never be good enough.

Additionally, everything—including you—is bad in general. She doesn’t help you at all; all she does is point out your mistakes. Run far away from someone like this because she will have an impact on every aspect of your life.


Girls who prefer to turn everything into a drama are intrusive and bothersome.

She has issues in every area of her life. Her problems come before anything else, and nothing is good enough. She has much, so of course no one, not even her hubby, understands her. She only ever moans and about herself and her troubles. Borrrrrring!!


I’m sorry, but I’ll never be able to comprehend this. I don’t do quickies; I have to be fully prepared. I have my period, I have a headache, I need to take 30 showers beforehand, and my hair needs to be styled. I also can’t have sex in the morning or out of the blue.

We’ve all had awful days at times, so sometimes we’re all exhausted. Agree.

But if she consistently comes up with an explanation, you better be certain that something is amiss.

Afraid to Let Go of Her Ex

She had to bring him up once every third sentence. John did this and claimed that he would never think in such a way.

It’s insulting, exhausting, and frustrating. Here is the door if John performed this and that and was so wonderful at unclogging the toilet. You’re welcome to return to John after fleeing away. Bye!

If there is anything I overlooked, please let me know. Also, what other gals are difficult to date?

I’m Iris, a digital diary for a Dubai girl. With two one-way tickets in my possession, I can investigate everything outside of my comfort zone and know how to break down barriers.

I currently reside in the lovely city of Dubai with my cat Lucy, and no, I am not your stereotypical cat lady. I’ve been a lifelong lover of Sex and the City, danced salsa for 14 years, enjoy cooking, go out on dates, and spend my leisure time with my stunning friends.

I coach, write, and podcast the majority of the time.

I have plenty of anecdotes, suggestions, and counsel to share.

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