6 Types Of Women Every Man Should Avoid And Why

1. A woman who hasn’t moved on from their previous relationship and ex

It is risky to date and even start a relationship with a lady who hasn’t moved on from his ex-boyfriend’s former relationship. Your journey down that road will end in one of life’s worst letdowns. She is still grieving and only uses you as a source of consolation if she continues to bring up her ex. Avoid the woman if she hasn’t recovered because the relationship won’t endure. She will overcome you when she is healed.
2. The person who distances themselves from you

Dating a man or woman who has friend-zoned you is completely pointless because the relationship will never progress past that point and you will only be wasting your time. When a lady avoids discussing the future or simply accepts that you two will be friends, she has friend zoned you. Such ladies will treat you like a sibling and never further the relationship.
3. A female prospect who shows interest in what you have

Is that woman interested in you or in what you have to offer? Any man in a relationship should figure out that one thing first before continuing. If what you have attracted her to you—your money, your career, and your car—is all she cares about, then you’re in the wrong relationship if you want to be happy in it. Before it’s too late to make any changes, the best you can do is break up.

4. A woman who is never available to you

She doesn’t value you or the relationship if she never makes time for you or with you. Nobody is ever busy, and individuals will do anything to make time for the things and people they care about. Don’t use employment as a justification. Establishing a connection with someone who is constantly busy and never has time for social activities is risky. She most likely won’t ever change.
5. A woman who is still grieving after losing a loved one

When dealing with a woman of this nature, wait until she has healed before moving the relationship forward. When a woman is grieving, she is inclined to look for anyone to make her feel better, not out of love. She probably doesn’t love you; she just wants someone to soothe her. When she is ultimately consoled, she will regain her composure and grow out of the relationship.

6. The unconfident woman

You’ll never get a chance to be yourself around an insecure woman. She’ll want to be the lone lady in your group at all times. She won’t ever respect your personal space and will constantly try to act as your personal security system. Because she has trust issues, dating an insecure woman is extremely perilous. No relationship can last if one of the partners hasn’t learned to trust.


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