Imagine being with a man who doesn’t care about you, doesn’t respect you, and won’t go out of his way to keep you safe. And all he sees in you is a woman who will handle all of his household duties. You frequently fall for men who aren’t deserving of your affection and care. However, love is also blind. If you truly love someone, you would want to wed them right away. But getting married is a huge, life-altering move. According to the proverb, in order to have a happy marriage, you must continually fall in love with the same person. So how can you possibly fall for someone who doesn’t treat you with the respect you deserve? Therefore, always consider the bigger picture before deciding to marry a guy. Never settle down with a man who practises the following 15 vices:

15. Narrow Minded:

An untrustworthy man will place limitations on every facet of your existence. Your devotion and dedication won’t be appreciated by him. Every action will be subject to limitations. He will make it difficult for you to do even the most basic duties. Such actions may be harmful and suggest a poisonous relationship. It’s better to break up with someone like them than get married to them.

14. Dislikes Animals:

A man who dislikes animals may not have sympathy or empathy. An allergy to a particular animal is one thing, but a general dislike of them suggests something more serious. It’s a good idea to reconsider your choice if you’re thinking about marrying someone who has an anti-animal viewpoint.

13. Ignores partnership Rules

Every partnership has its own set of rules. If your spouse frequently flouts these guidelines, it shows that they have little regard for you and your relationship. He is not deserving of your attention and affection if he consistently treats you with disdain.

12. Breaks Promises:

If a man consistently breaks his commitments to you, he is either making a fool of himself or is not interested in you. He doesn’t care about you at all. It is understandable if something happens and he is unable to fulfil the obligation once, but not twice. Never choose such a man for marriage.

11. Places You In Second Position Always:

He may not be genuinely interested in you or may just be playing with your emotions if he keeps breaking promises. Repeatedly breaking his promises to you is a sign that he doesn’t regard you. While occasional slip-ups are acceptable, consistent unreliability is inappropriate for a committed relationship.

10. No Moment For Epiphany:

If a man continually believes that every action he takes, every decision he makes, and everything he does will be perfect. He must be a bubble-dweller if he thinks of himself as Mr. Perfect. And as a result of that mentality, he will pressure you to change, too. You should never look for a man for marriage who behaves in such a way and is unaware of the error in his assumptions.

9. Excuses and some more excuses:

Making excuses is the best method to convey the message that you don’t matter to me and that I have more important things to do. It is clear that he does not care about you if he constantly blaming others and tries to hide the truth by inventing tales. He is only with you for entertainment and to pass the time.

8. Maintains The Fight:

A man who consistently thinks that his choices and deeds are perfect may be residing in an egotistical bubble. His sense of infallibility may cause him to set high standards for both you and himself. A partner who lacks self-awareness and won’t examine his own thought process is not a good match for marriage.

7. Loves to end the conversation:

The person you adore is a great speaker, but he keeps interrupting you to tell his own tale while you are trying to say anything. This is simply another way of saying I don’t care about you or your feelings. Whatever you decide to say or do, it doesn’t matter to me. Every meaningful conversation you try to have with him will be ruined by him. Then you ought to understand that you do not merit such disregard and distance yourself from that man.

6. Lies: Lies are the death of any relationship.

There is no use in getting married to a man who is a total liar if you love him. You shouldn’t be with that man, and you shouldn’t even consider being married to him. You won’t ever be able to trust him, and you’ll worry constantly.

No matter how much a man loves you or how much he loves you back, he will always be clingy. To be able to function properly, you both need some alone time. and will be able to complete your everyday tasks with ease. It is a symptom that a man is way too demanding and that you shouldn’t marry him if he begins to rely on you more than is necessary.

4. Dislikes family:

Even though your parents may irritate you, you shouldn’t cut them out from your life. You were born into and developed into the person you are now in a family. Therefore, always keep in mind that a man who can easily forget his parents for worldly matters might as easily forget you. And who would want to wed a man like that? Once more, make up your mind, girl!

3. Smoking:

A man who refuses to give up smoking in spite of promises may lack the dedication required for a happy marriage. It may not be considerate of your wishes to marry a smoker who dismisses your worries.

2. Immature

: A man who frequently breaks off relationships for insignificant matters is immature. Meaningful communication may be hampered by this behaviour, which also limits chances for a solution. A lack of emotional development and ongoing conflict may result from marrying an immature partner.

1. Abusive:

Love should never be connected to any form of violence, including emotional or physical. Any relationship runs a significant risk with a man who is prone to violence and fury. A healthy marriage cannot be maintained with a partner who cannot manage his rage.

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