Things men notice first when looking at a woman

You’ve probably occasionally wondered what men think of you when they see you walking down the street. You’ve probably heard all the myths about men judging your breasts and butt first. The scientists claim that guys focus on entirely other things, and those things don’t even have to do with your physical appearance. Keep reading if you want to learn how to read men’s minds and what comes through in their minds when they first meet! Men are not what many women take for granted, which may surprise you!

1. Gaze
Men frequently notice a woman’s eyes first while assessing her appearance. You’ve probably heard the saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” We may learn a great deal about a person from them. Determining if someone is telling the truth or lying to you might be a straightforward process. True magnets, eyes have the power to draw in and captivate strangers.
Studies reveal that over 70% of men focus their attention on a woman’s eyes before anything else. Don’t think that men focus their attention only on the breast! Men find it simpler to compliment women on their eyes than on other aspects of their bodies because women react more favourably to remarks about their eyes than other body parts.

2. A hair
Long, lustrous, and healthy hair always draws attention. Maintaining healthy and youthful hair is a sign of youth! The stereotype that blonde girls are more alluring to men is completely false! All women with hair colours are equally likely. Men have diverse tastes; some like blondes because they appear more innocent, sensitive, or just enjoy angles. But some people are always looking for brunette chicks since they think they have a more enigmatic appearance.
Redheads have a special opportunity due of their alluring and untamed appearance! Your hair style may catch his eye, and if it appears dishevelled and oily, it does not present a good impression. To look different with a new colour, use moisturising shampoos and conditioners and take good care of your hair instead of searching for new dye. A mindset like that will pay off, and he won’t be able to look away from your lustrous, well-groomed hair.

3. Skin The majority of males are also interested in a woman’s skin tone. Several polls have indicated that men consider a fair complexion to be a reliable indicator of health. The majority of men believe that a woman who appears healthy may conceive and bear children.

4. Grin
When a woman smiles, males are free to approach her without hesitation! A smiling woman also exudes warmth, good temperament, and a sense of humour; who wouldn’t want to go on a date with someone like that? A happy woman just attracts attention to herself with her smile, like a magnet. Since laughter spreads, it can only make others around you feel better! Saying you are too timid to smile at a guy you hardly know is not a good argument! Even without words, a simple smile might serve as an invitation.
Some girls claim that their teeth prevent them from smiling very often. They’re not so white, or they’re corrupt. Ladies, this isn’t a valid reason! Ads have been pushing flawless smiles without any imperfections, yet this is only a commercial and was most likely hours of photoshop work! Furthermore, most men don’t have rigid standards that prevent them from dating exclusively attractive girls. They will also comprehend your inadequacies because they are also just regular guys with flaws of their own.

5. Clothes style
It may come as a surprise to hear, yet the majority of men are aware of a woman’s fashion sense. According to a recent study, most men would rather date a lady who dresses elegantly than one who exposes too much skin. Men want a little mystery when it comes to women, but a half-naked body tells all. Remember that having a strong sense of style can reveal a lot about you! Your makeup and scent reveal your personal preferences. Your accessories and heels showcase your sophisticated lifestyle.


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