10 Secret Signs That Somebody Is Jealous of You

People with whom we have an emotional connection—our partners, spouses, wives, lovers, or girlfriends—often make us jealous. We also feel jealous of those who are more successful and gorgeous than us. Typically, jealousy shows up as fear, rage, anxiety, insecurity, etc.

Be jealous, but most people try not to show it. On the other hand, there are several telltale indicators that indicate whether someone is jealous of you.

Telltale indicators that someone is envious of you

Someone who is envious of you will:

1. Make up fake praise for you

When you converse with jealous people face-to-face, they will flatter you, but behind your back, they will spread rumors about you. This is why you should be careful what you say to other people and find out from your friends whether there has been any rumor about you. Before they congratulate you on your success, someone who is jealous of you will pause silently.


Attempt to take your achievement for granted.

A person who is jealous always tries to destroy the success of others because they are insecure. They can’t accomplish as much as you, which makes them envious. They will also make an effort to persuade you that you still lack sufficient qualities.

3. Glamorize their accomplishments

When someone feels jealous, they will stop at nothing to flaunt their accomplishments to the outside world. People who are jealous of others’ success typically feel envious of it and would stop at nothing to establish their own success.

4. Fold their legs over

It is believed that there are various reasons why people can cross their legs in body language. Nonetheless, it is a common indicator of insecurity and jealousy of someone or something. If someone crosses their legs when discussing your accomplishments and success, they are most likely envious of you.

5. Must establish their superiority

Psychotherapist Melanie Greenberg claims that envious people are very competitive and driven to establish their dominance. Success is attainable through competitiveness when it is fueled by ambition. This isn’t the case, though, with envious individuals.

6. Copy everything that you do.

Even while copycat behavior is often associated with flattery, jealous people will also attempt to mimic your every move and try to pass themselves off as you. They might even try to mimic your speech, mannerisms, or attire. The only thing you can do is ignore them, despite the fact that it can be annoying.

7. Attempt to damage your image

Studies show that gossipers tend to be irrational, hostile, and enraged. Typically, they gossip because they are inferior and less self-assured. People who aspire to be like you out of jealousy would stop at nothing to damage your reputation.

8. Appreciate your mistakes

If you don’t accomplish your objectives, envious people will be pleased. They will never, however, express to you how content they are with your failure.

The fact that you have failed at something and that they are superior to you is what matters to them. Should someone be content as a result of your shortcomings, you should keep your distance.

9. Corrupt your plans

Someone who is jealous of you will be delighted to sabotage your plans and divert your attention to unfavorable scenarios.

10. Convert envy into animosity

The price of success is that we must cope with those who, for whatever reason, despise us. They don’t act violently, but they would stop at nothing to show how much they detest you. Telling them you don’t care about them is the best method to handle these folks.

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