Man Refused to Adopt His Wife’s Two Kids after Spying on Her & Discovering Who Their Real Dad Was

  • A woman who was married to her husband deceived him into thinking that the father of their two children had passed away.
  • While the mother was in the process of requesting that her husband legally adopt the two children, she began to behave in an odd manner.

When he was 33 years old, he wed the woman of his dreams, who was just 25 years old. She already had two daughters by the time they got married, thus she was already a mother.

After meeting for the first time at work, the pair started dating. The company that the man worked for was located in a building, and the woman worked there as the lobby receptionist.

It was impossible for the man to stop himself from marrying the woman who was the love of his life, not even her children. However, after years of leading a bachelor’s lifestyle, the idea of becoming a father so quickly – and to two children who were not his biological children – was terrifying to him.

On the other hand, he was head over heels in love with his wife, and he was willing to give up his chance to spend time alone as well as a portion of his salary in order to take care of their girls.

After a period of two years, the man disclosed the challenges and triumphs he has had with his stepchildren as they have grown. There were times when he longed to go back to his single life, but he eventually came to terms with the fact that this was his reality:

“I fully know that this is my life now, and I try my best to suck it up and do what I signed up for.”

The man never inquired about his wife’s previous partner during the entirety of their time together. The only thing he was aware of was the fact that he had passed away and could no longer be a part of the lives of his wife and their two children.

When the man and his wife had been married for two years, the man’s wife suddenly put pressure on him to adopt their two children legally. Her assertion that it would be the most wonderful birthday present for the girls was met with reluctance on his part.

The man came to the realization that it was nothing more than a piece of paper that, in any case, legalized what he was doing for the children. His wife was overjoyed and stated that she would start processing the documents as soon as possible. As he thought about it, “Well, that’s fantastic!” “I like not having to do anything.”

When it was discovered that his wife’s ex-spouse was still alive, it was discovered that he had simply stopped paying child support due to the fact that he was incarcerated and had no money left in the bank.

What caused his wife to suddenly behave in a peculiar manner?

Everything was going swimmingly in their home until he suddenly became aware that his wife was behaving in an odd manner. Whenever she was with her husband, she would switch users on her laptop and place her phone face down on the table. She became more secretive as a result of making these changes.

Despite the fact that he did not want to, the man chose to spy on her because he had a gut feeling about it. His initial assumption was that she was being dishonest.

When it was discovered that his wife’s ex-spouse was still alive, it was discovered that he had simply stopped paying child support due to the fact that he was incarcerated and had no money left in the bank. As soon as the man learned this information, he experienced a sensation of his entire world falling apart.

He appeared to be at a loss for words. At first, he was under the impression that his wife’s ex-wife had passed away. Second, the man was providing financial support for his two children while simultaneously making payments to his wife’s bank account in the name of child support.

Unhesitatingly, the man approached his wife about the situation. At the same time that she was crying, she did not deny anything and stated that she had simply accepted the child support payments for the benefit of her children.
In addition, the wife argued that the fact that the father had stopped making payments for child support was not the reason she wanted him to adopt the two children. Because, in her mind, the former partner was “dead,” she only lied for “good purposes.”

What kind of response did the man have to the betrayal?

His wife’s treachery shattered him to his core. Due to the fact that he was unable to comprehend that she did not have the faith in him to reveal the truth, he is currently having second thoughts about adopting the children. In addition to this, he wants to put in writing that if he files for divorce, all financial assistance will be terminated.

The person feels bothered by the situation that he is in. His decision to not adopt the children and to withdraw all financial support in the event of a divorce raises the question of whether or not he is reasonable. What are your thoughts? Please share them with us.


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