Boy Didn’t Stop Kicking My Seat during a Long Flight – My Dad Taught His Parents a Nice Lesson

Even without the additional element of conflict, long-distance flights may be a stressful experience. The unfortunate situation that one father and daughter had to deal with was a crowded airplane and a child whose parents failed to keep him under control, in addition to the misery that flight itself brought.

A family found themselves in a fight with the family that was sitting behind them on a lengthy journey back from India that took place during the night. This conflict occurred a few years ago. In front of a trio consisting of a couple and their kid, who was roughly 9 or 10 years old, the father and his daughter, who was 14 years old at the time, were seated next to each other.

Despite the fact that the plane was ascending into the night sky, the calm of the flight was quickly broken by the fact that the young kid sitting behind them was repeatedly kicking the chair that the daughter was sitting in. In the beginning, the father addressed the problem by making a respectful request to the son to stop kicking as soon as possible. The young child halted, but it was only for a brief moment before he resumed his course of action.

The father made a calculated move by fully reclining his seat, which caused the mother of the boy, who was seated behind him, to become agitated. In response to the protests of the mother and her husband, who sought the assistance of a flight attendant, she inquired as to whether or not the guy desired to maintain the reclined position of his seat. The flight attendant stated that the father was free to act in whatever manner he chose after receiving a positive response from the father.

Following that, the couple engaged in a few whispers, which ultimately resulted in their young child refraining from kicking the seat the young girl was sitting in. On the other hand, her father remained seated in a reclining position for a period of one hour in order to ensure that the pair had acquired the necessary knowledge.

The tale was entertaining to a great number of individuals. It was stated by one individual that the father ought to have waited until the couple had gotten beverages before fully reclining his seat, which would have resulted in the drinks spilling over them.

According to the statement of another individual, many individuals would not comprehend the influence that something was having on other people until they too were directly affected by the circumstance. According to the commenter, the pair couldn’t care less about how their son’s kicks were impacting other people because they were unable to feel their son’s kicks when he was sitting on the chair. On the other hand, when their level of comfort was diminished, they were aware that they needed to take action.

Some individuals even shared stories that were comparable to the one that was given by this poster. A woman related that she had been on a flight returning from Egypt when she noticed a man sitting behind her. The man was sitting behind her. Because he was so enraged by the fact that a lady was seated in front of him, he began violently kicking her seat whenever she moved over the course of the conversation.

The man heard the woman leaning back slightly at one point, which prompted him to bring a flight attendant over to assist her. The individual yelled out that a woman should not be permitted to enter his personal space. With the intention of straightening the seat and removing it from his proximity, he exerted as much force as he could muster to push her seat.

The man was informed by the flight attendant that the woman was permitted to recline back in her seat if she so desired throughout the journey. Despite the fact that the woman’s husband offered to switch seats with her, she remained resolute in her determination to remain seated throughout the whole of the seven-hour passenger journey.

While traveling from the United States to the United Kingdom, another user of Reddit revealed that they were 18 years old. They sat in front of a toddler who was annoying them by kicking their chair and making them feel uncomfortable in general. After turning to the child’s mother in a kind manner, the traveler inquired as to whether or not she might tell her child to stop kicking the seat.

A shrug was given by the mother of the youngster, and she stated that her child was free to do anything he desired. The commentator responded by saying that they could likewise do whatever they wanted, and that the mother should rein in her child unless she wanted things to go ugly. One of the individuals stated that they would humiliate the mom if she did not exercise control over her child.

Due to the fact that the mother appeared to be dumbfounded, the passenger got to their feet and yelled out to the airplane that they were experiencing a problem with the child. After that, they inquired as to whether or not anyone else was dealing with the same problem, or whether or if the mother of the child simply lacked the ability to parent. The woman fell into a state of wrath, but the individual did not seem to care.

Following the conclusion of the flight, the tourist made their way inside the airport, where they were greeted by their companions. Without making any noise, the woman and her son passed by the group with their heads bowed and without making any comments.

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