‘I HAVE WORLD’S biggest boobs – they weigh as much as watermelons and won’t stop growing’

Keisha Johnson, an African American woman serving time in prison, has unexpectedly risen to fame for possessing the world’s largest breasts, captivating audiences with her astonishing journey of transformation behind bars.

Originally starting as a natural D cup, Keisha underwent a series of surgeries, including polypropylene string breast implants, now banned due to their potential risks, which led to her breasts ballooning to an extraordinary size of 164XXX cups, each weighing a staggering 40lbs. Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, warned about the dangers of such extreme enlargements, likening them to a cartoonish appearance.


However, despite the mammoth proportions of her breasts, Keisha asserts that her back remains unharmed, crediting her dedicated regimen of back exercises for maintaining her physical health.

Keisha, who has garnered a significant following on social media platforms like Instagram, where she is known as the “queen of boobs,” regularly updates her fans about her life and aspirations.


In contrast to Keisha’s journey, another woman, Serena Monroe from Texas, also commands attention for her substantial breast size, boasting saline implants exceeding 20lb each. Serena, a model, faces various challenges in finding clothing that accommodates her size and aspires to further augment her breasts.


On the natural side of the spectrum, Annie Hawkins-Turner holds the title for the world’s largest natural breasts, which continue to grow and now weigh an astounding 60lb each. Her remarkable physique has attracted a growing fan base fascinated by her uniqueness.


The story of these women underscores the unexpected paths to fame and the diverse perceptions of beauty. Keisha’s journey, unfolding within the confines of prison, serves as a testament to the power of transformation even in the most unlikely circumstances.

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