Woman Born With Two Vaginas Uses One For Each Boyfriend, Claims It’s Not Cheating….

A 25-year-old woman from Surrey, named Annie Charlotte, has shared her unique story, revealing that she was born with two uteruses and two cervixes.
She’s currently in a relationship with two men and explains that, since they each “have their own vagina,” it means she “isn’t cheating.”

Annie first made news when she shared that at the age of 16, during a visit to get a contraceptive coil fitted, she was diagnosed with a rare condition called uterus didelphys.
This extraordinary condition means that, theoretically, she could simultaneously conceive two children by two different fathers.

Moreover, she experiences two menstrual cycles, which she manages with the help of contraception, and confirms that both reproductive systems are “completely functional.”

Following the end of a long-term relationship last year, Annie met two new partners.


She insists that her relationships do not constitute cheating because she lets her boyfriends use one vagina each, she explained in an interview with What’sTheJam.

“They don’t really know about each other. I never told either of them about each other – I didn’t think they needed to know.”


“They both have their own vagina, so they only have sex with that one.”

Annie’s relationships began fairly recently. She has been with one partner for four months and the other for two.


She said: “I started dating only recently. I got my first boyfriend last year, and then just kind of enjoyed that until it fizzled out and then started dating two new people.”

“It was casual at first but then we started hanging out more and more.”

“It is actually kind of nice because they are both totally comfortable with making OnlyFans content with me and their vagina.”

Balancing her time between the two men can be challenging. Annie sees them each weekly and alternates weekends with them.


She added: “I wouldn’t say we have a sex schedule per se, but I don’t have sex with them both on the same day – I feel like that’s fair for them.”

“Though they are separate vaginas, fluids could pass in between the two and I just feel like they would get upset if they knew.”

“Guys seem to get upset about girls sleeping with two guys within a 24-hour period so I just thought it was for the best.”

“There is a kind of schedule when it comes to making OnlyFans content compared to when we have like fun sex – though it isn’t very strict I am still able to have fun with both my boyfriends on and off camera at different times.”


“I still don’t think it is cheating because I let my boyfriends use one vagina each, and I could probably sleep with them in closer proximity but I also don’t feel like I need to.”

Annie, who has 34,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @twopssyprincess, recalls her diagnosis of uterus didelphys when she went to get a contraceptive coil fitted as a teenager.

She said: “I was a young woman, I was just starting to become interested in dating and exploring different parts of my body and I was suddenly told it was different to everyone else’s.”
“As a teenager, you want to be ‘normal’, and being told you weren’t, was really quite scary.”


By the time she started her university studies in philosophy and religion, she had embraced her condition – even using the quip ‘I have two vaginas’ as an ice breaker.

She said: “I really started to accept it.”

“I stopped looking at it as a medical issue, and all the problems that could arise from having children, and instead something that was just a super-cool aspect of myself because of people’s reactions, they would be shocked but also so interested.”


“Now, I’ve completely embraced it and accepted it as part of myself, and I’ve never been more confident.”

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