Simon said it’s the best audition ever: Little girl Shocks ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ with Stunning Performance

A young girl stuns “Britain’s Got Talent” with an incredible performance, according to Simon, who called it the best audition ever.


Olivia Lynes, an eleven-year-old singer, rose to popularity on “Britain’s Got Talent” thanks to an emotional letter written by her mother to judge Amanda Holden. Olivia’s mother wrote Amanda a letter stating that her daughter has a beautiful voice and should have a chance at being famous.


Even though Olivia was anxious about performing “Defying Gravity,” a hit song by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, she went on stage. Her mother was crying before Olivia had even begun because she was so upset.

Olivia played a few of songs to start her little show. But as the music went on, something unexpected happened. Her beautiful voice enthralled the whole crowd. The crowd was stunned by what they were hearing and stood up halfway through the song.

As soon as Olivia finished, there was a standing ovation from the judges as well as the audience. Two of the judges were moved to tears by her poignant performance. Amanda Holden pressed the golden bell softly and whisked Olivia off to the live shows.

It was anticipated that the emotionally charged moment would cause tears, so viewers were encouraged to pack tissues. The little vocalist’s magnificent “Britain’s Got Talent” premiere was cemented when Amanda entered the stage and embraced Olivia tightly.

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