8 Simple Ways To Prevent Snakes From Entering Your Yard

Eight Easy Ways To Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Your Yard Free of Snakes
Snakes don’t bother me. They are shy, kind, and like to be by themselves. But it can be uncomfortable to come across one when you’re out on your porch or doing some gardening. Do not be alarmed if you detest snakes. Here are a few approaches to keep them at bay that don’t use harsh chemicals or unpleasant techniques.


1. Cut Off Their Food Source

Food items such as fruit, leftover bird seed, mice, and rats attract snakes. Make sure the lid on your compost container is tight. If you have bird feeders, put them away from your house and around the edge of your yard.

2. Grow Lemongrass

One easy approach to keep snakes away from your garden is to plant lemongrass. Mosquitoes are repelled by the lemony scent, which they detest.

3. Apply a Solution of Citrus

Orange or lemon rinds can be added to a jar of water and left for a full day to create a citrus solution. To keep snakes away, spray this solution about your deck and on your patio furniture.

4. Keep Your Yard Maintained

Get rid of any waste, weeds and sticks to keep your yard looking neat. Snakes may find these to be ideal hiding places. They are less inclined to visit a well-kept garden.

5. Keep Your House Secure

Stop snakes from getting inside your house by caulking gaps around doors and windows and in your foundation. Make sure the window screens are intact as well.

6. Create a DIY Repellent for Snakes

Avert chemical repellents as they may be detrimental to family members, pets, and plants. Instead, to make a natural snake repellent, combine equal parts clove and cinnamon oil. Apply this mixture on the exterior of your house and any other possible snake hiding places.

7. Make use of mothballs

Mothballs work effectively to repel both insects and snakes. Put them on the back porch and around the foundation of your house. However, because mothballs are harmful, keep them out of the reach of kids and animals.

8. Move Them

When everything else fails, employ humane snake traps. Put them all throughout your yard, and if you catch a snake, release it somewhere away from your house, like a wooded area.


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