Tragic News Regarding Frank Fritz of the American Pickers

Tragic News About American Pickers’ Frank Fritz

Life is full of surprises, some joyful and some not so much. Frank Fritz is well-known for being a favourite television personality. In his career, he has seen highs and lows. His story is actually rather endearing.


Diann Bankson and Frank have been partners for a long time. Unfortunately, their split had a terrible effect on him, leading to drinking concerns, joblessness, and health problems.

Frank and Diann began dating at the age of 25, and they continued to date off and on for years. They bought a quaint farmhouse in Iowa and planned a wonderful life together after getting engaged in 2017. But things got worse in the later half of 2018.


When Diann discovered Frank seeing another woman, their romance was ruined. Frank ultimately revealed how deeply the betrayal hurt him and inspired him to get a painful tattoo as a keepsake.

“I bought a house, an expensive ring, and I was going to marry her,” declared Frank. The revelation of her infidelity was too much to bear. Frank lost a lot of weight during this period and turned to alcohol as a coping method for the agony.

After they split up, Frank decided to give dating a break and focus on quitting drinking.

Frank experienced career upheaval as well. In March 2020, he was fired from the History Channel series “American Pickers,” purportedly due to health complications from back surgery.



Frank indicated his desire to return to the show once he recovered and his excitement to do so. However, there seemed to be no solid plans for his comeback, and the show was proceeding without him.

While Frank battled these setbacks, Diann carried on with her life, sharing happy moments with her new partner, Eric Longlett, on social media.

Frank had a stroke on July 4, 2022, and was brought to the hospital. His friend found him on the floor and called for help right away.



Frank’s son was getting better, but his recovery was taking a long time. After being admitted to a care facility and discharged from the hospital, Frank was placed under guardianship.

A close friend was appointed as his interim conservator and guardian to manage his financial and personal affairs and make sure he got the care and support he needed.

According to medical assessments, Frank’s condition required constant supervision and assistance with daily activities, medical appointments, and overall wellbeing.

The court stated that Frank risked the risk of his sickness worsening if he didn’t have a guardian to look out for his health and safety. The court accepted that Frank needed that kind of support.

Finding out about Frank Fritz makes me very sad. We’re wishing him well and thinking about him getting better soon. By providing your loved ones with access to this information, you can keep them informed about the latest events involving their favourite TV host.

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