This is a tough one! Find the error in the image!

It’s going to be a challenge! The image has a mistake; locate it!


By engaging in the process of solving puzzles and riddles, you may offer your brain with the daily training it needs in a way that is both entertaining and beneficial.

Not only does playing brain games provide a source of entertainment, but it also has a number of advantages, including the enhancement of cognitive function, the maintenance of a sharp memory, the improvement of reasoning abilities, the enhancement of productivity, and the assistance in the creation of better answers to problems that occur in real life.



Because of this, we have created yet another photo puzzle for you to enjoy with your loved ones and close companions. So, are you ready to go?

Please take a look at the image that is provided below and see if you can see the huge error!

The photograph shows a family catching a moment during the Thanksgiving holiday.

At the same time as the grandfather is using his phone to capture all of the wonderful memories, the table is adorned with a huge turkey and platters.

On the other hand, there is a mistake in the portrait!

Have you been able to identify it yet?

Your congrats are in order if you were able to correctly identify the error in the family photo taken during the Thanksgiving feast.

Among the few people who saw it right away, you are one of them.


However, if you are still looking for the error, you do not need to worry about it because the solution is presented above.

Give the picture another look, and try your best to do it justice!

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