Bride Demands Her Bridesmaids Pay for Their Dresses She Bought for the Ceremony, but Karma Immediately Strikes Back

The bride immediately gets backlash when her bridesmaids refuse to pay for the dresses she bought for the ceremony.

We anticipated a happy and humorous day rather than an unexpected financial request when my closest friend Emily asked us to be her bridesmaids. As the story progressed, karma tested our friendship in a way we never anticipated and made the wedding day one to remember.

In the bridal suite, I stood straightening my gown while Sarah helped secure the final uncooperative hair strand. The slight smell of roses mixed with the excitement in the room. Our future bride, Emily, was a butterfly, fluttering about and double-checking everything.


“Lena, what do you think?” With a pair of shoes adorned with diamonds, Emily posed the question.

Emily, they’re so beautiful. “Everything is fine,” I told her.

With a sigh, relief washed over her face. “I just want everything to be right today.”

From the corner, Lisa added, “It will be. This is all planned out, right down to the last serviette.

Emily turned to face the wardrobe, beaming. She replied, “I have something special for you all,” and she took out five clothing bags. She flourished and gave them to everyone.

When we opened the bags, we were met by gorgeous gowns—each one a masterpiece. Soft colours, elaborate beading, and small-scale needlework.

“Whoa,” exhaled Megan. “These are… incredible.”

Sarah traced the silk with her fingertips as she nodded. “These must have cost a fortune.”

Emily laughed, perhaps a bit too loudly. You do realise that marriage is a one-time event? I desired perfection in every aspect.”


The fabric of the garments felt cool and delicious against our skin as we slipped into them. Although it wasn’t our typical style, the fit and construction were flawless.

As we danced in front of the mirrors, we saw how the delicate hues suited our skin tones and how the elaborate lacework gave the entire look a sense of fairy-tale beauty.

“I feel like a princess,” Lisa whispered, gazing at herself in the mirror with glittering eyes.

“I know, right?” I nodded and smoothed down my dress’s skirt. “Emily, you really outdid yourself.”



The wedding took place in a charming garden beneath a flower arch that seemed like it could have been taken from a romantic tale. With a dazzling smile on her face, Emily walked down the aisle to meet James at the altar.

They spoke of a future based on love and partnership in their emotional and sincere vows. Even as realistic as I am, I couldn’t help but cry.


The officiant said, “You may now kiss the bride,” and as James and Emily shared their first kiss as husband and wife, the audience erupted in cheers. A picture-perfect scene captured in a frame of golden sunlight and flowering flowers.

Laughter and music filled the large ballroom during the reception. Elegant centrepieces graced the tables, while fairy lights twinkled overhead, creating a mystical ambiance. As I sipped my champagne, I took in the ambience created by the clinking of glasses and the gentle murmur of discussions.

Emily soon collected the bridesmaids for a quiet time. With tears in her eyes, she continued, “Thank you all for coming, and for looking so beautiful.”


She brought us to the dance floor and gathered us into a group hug. As the photographer photographed the moment, we laughed and swayed together.

Emily inhaled deeply at that moment, and her face was tense with expectation. “I need to ask you a question. The outfits… I would appreciate it if you could refund me for the $1,200 each of them, as they are rather costly. I’ll accept a transfer or cash.”

There was a startled hush after that. What was just moments before a room full of joy and enthusiasm now hung in the balance.


“Wait, what?” With a waning smile, Sarah spoke. “I thought the dresses were a gift.”


Emily withdrew her smile and shook her head. “I didn’t say it at all. I thought you were aware. I’ll take cash, or you can pay by bank transfer tomorrow. or right now via an app, if you’d like.”

Gazing around, Megan’s eyes widened. Emily, this wasn’t covered by our budget. Not one of us did.

A knot in my stomach tightened. “Em, while we like the gowns, $1,200 is a big sum of money! We honestly believed they were a present from you.”

There was an air of tension that might cut. However, before anyone could reply, there was a disturbance at the reception hall entrance. Individuals pivoted, gesturing and murmuring.


“What’s going on?” With her eyes darting to the door, Lisa questioned.

Emily scowled as she tried to see. “I’m not sure. Let’s investigate it.

A group of delivery men was fumbling with a massive, towering wedding cake at the door. It appeared to be swaying dangerously, and it was at least twice as tall as any of us. Emily’s horrified eyes expanded.

She hurried forward and gasped, “What is this?”

Sweating and flushed, one of the employees turned to face her. “Ma’am, here is your wedding cake. We apologise for the lateness; we tried our best to finish it in time, but considering the increased size…”


Emily gave a blink. “But, what the hell… I ordered a five-kilogram cake, not… this!”

The labourer examined the invoice he was holding while scratching his head. It appears that there was a mistake. 50 kg of the order were processed. What we were given was this. You must have inadvertently included an extra zero.”

Emily appeared on the verge of passing out. “Fifty kg? How did this come about?”

The employee gave her the bill. “This is the invoice. I’m sure it’s a little more than you were anticipating. However, we verified that the order you placed online was for 50.

Emily’s hands quivered as she accepted the paper. Her face paled as she gave the figure a quick glance. “This is really crazy. This is more than I can afford.


The remaining bridesmaids were stunned as we stood behind her. Not one of us missed the irony of the situation. Emily had just asked us to pay an outrageous sum of money for the clothes, and now she was making an even more outrageous demand.

A uneasy silence was broken when Sarah moved forward. “Emily, let’s talk for a moment.”

Emily turned to face her, once more tears in her eyes. “Sarah, I have no idea what to do. It’s a nightmare right now.”


Sarah reached over to touch her shoulder. “Emma, we are unable to pay for these outfits. However, as we are your friends, we will support you during this.”

Lisa moved forward and nodded. “Sarah is correct. Even if we might not have $1,200 for each dress, we can still help you in other ways.”

I went with them. “True friendship isn’t based on financial gain, Emily. It’s about supporting one another through thick and thin.”

Emily turned to face us, her eyes welling up with tears at last. “I truly apologise. I became so focused on making everything flawless that I forgot what was truly important.”


She was given a tissue by Megan. “We comprehend. Marriage is an anxious time. However, now that we’re here, we can work through this together.”

After inhaling deeply, Emily nodded. “I’m grateful. Really. Friends like you are not worthy of me.”

“We’re in this together,” Sarah asserted. “Now, let’s figure out this cake situation.”

We got together and brainstormed. We ultimately made the decision to combine our funds in order to pay for the enormous cake. The unexpected gift amused and delighted the attendees, who found it to be a hit. The incident ended up being one of the evening’s highlights.

The shocks subsided into laughing and celebration as the evening wore on. The enormous cake came to represent the day’s unanticipated detours. It was being used by guests to snap pictures, cut enormous portions, and savour every second.

I observed Emily and James dance for the first time, their previous issues seemingly forgotten. Friends and family surrounded them with love and support, transforming what could have been a catastrophic event into a treasured experience.

Emily’s expression, which had been strained and anxious, was now radiant with sincere joy. She looked right at me and said, “Thank you.”

With a feeling of contentment, I nodded. Even though this day was far from ideal, it had given us all important insight into the power of genuine friendship, humility, and kindness. We had united, overcome unforeseen obstacles, and grown stronger as a result.

It dawned on me as I stood there, witnessing the happy scene that these instances of chaos and goodwill were what really made life unforgettable. Our mutual relationships had withstood testing and shown themselves to be unshakable.

The reception hall was proof of the enduring power of friendship and the unanticipated beauty of imperfection, as it was now brimming with laughter and joy. I knew that everyone who was a part of this day, with all of its highs and lows, would look back on it with fondness as Emily and James danced.



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