Shocking Moment: Joy Behar Takes a Tumble on ‘The View,’ Leaves Audience Stunned

Audience Stunned After Joy Behar Takes A Tumble On ‘The View

Unexpected enthusiasm was there on the set after Joy Behar’s recent mishap on “The View.” Even though the 80-year-old comedian’s act made an attempt to guarantee a comfortable experience with better seating, she ended up making an unintended detour to the floor, which led to a humorous event.

Behar hilariously recapped the incident on live television on Thursday, when she mishandled her effort to land on a “dangerous” swivel chair. She chuckled as she thought back on the episode, “Recall when I fell on stage here? My posterior slid off the seat.

Whoopi Goldberg offered her analysis of the incident, pointing out that the audience had a narrower viewpoint than the hosts, who saw Behar struggling to stay off the floor. “We saw you trying to figure out how not to fall onto the floor, and that was scary because you don’t know whether to catch you and potentially bother you by touching you,” Goldberg said, summarizing the experience.

Behar sarcastically compared the moving chairs to a swirling ride at Coney Island, equating her workplace to a theme park, all in keeping with her trademark hilarious style. Her spontaneous rollercoaster act did have one positive aspect, though: new safety elements were added. These were stationary chairs with four tall legs, a square seat, and an adjacent back.

On Thursday, Behar demonstrated the show’s commitment to averting such catastrophes by displaying the updated chairs. Not everyone thought the new lodgings were ideal, though. With a hilarious aside, Goldberg said, “My behind doesn’t fit in this chair, as I’ve mentioned many times, so they’re not new to me.”

Goldberg jokingly recounted in a lighthearted moment that although her own behind fit on the previous chair, Behar wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. They kept joking around, exchanging pleasantries about getting by with what they had.

Goldberg, 67, defended Behar earlier in the week after co-host Ana Navarro, 51, asserted that Behar was hired and fired by late “The View” co-creator Bill Geddie. The hosts’ friendship demonstrated the dynamic quality of the long running midday program.

Behar garnered media attention throughout the week when she called Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, a “sadist.” Behar added her distinct viewpoint to the week’s headlines by characterizing Abbott as someone who gets joy from causing people pain, sorrow, or humiliation, sparking conversations that went beyond the show’s confines.

Joy Behar’s accident gave “The View” a sense of comedy and companionship despite the unplanned diversion to the floor, guaranteeing that the venerable daytime program will always surprise and amuse its viewers.

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