Cardi B Urges Parents to Discuss Boundaries with Children After Seeing Video of Dalai Lama Asking Child To Suck His Tongue: ‘The World is Full of Predators’ [Video]

Cardi B was one of many reacting to a disturbing video of Dalai Lama asking a child to suck his tongue.

On Monday, the rapper slammed child predators and urged parents to know what’s going on in the children’s lives after watching a video of a world leader asking a child “suck my tongue.”

“The world is full of predators. They prey on the innocent. The ones who are most unknowing, our children. Predators could be our neighbors, our school teacher, even people with money, power, and our churches. Constantly talk with your kids about boundaries and what they shouldn’t allow people to do to them,” Cardi tweeted.

The “I Like It” rapper’s criticism caught some backlash since she has openly admitted to dragging and robbing men in the strip club, and many started comparing the situation. However, Cardi pointed out that they were “grown ass drunk men,” who tried “to advantage of me and finesse me out my body.” She took to Instagram Live to further discuss her stance.

Dalai Lama’s office issued a statement Monday saying he “teases people he meets in an innocent and playful way, even in public and before cameras.”

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