Danny Glover Made “Color Purple” Actress Break Down To Tears On Set & She Explained Why

Danny Glover’s acting career encompasses decades, and he is well-known for his diverse roles in numerous films and television series. Steven Spielberg directed one of his most notable performances in the 1985 film “The Color Purple.” During the film’s production, however, one of Glover’s co-stars, Margaret Avery, was moved to tears by his acting abilities. This article will investigate why this occurred.

Let’s begin by setting the scene. The film “The Color Purple” is an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by Alice Walker. Whoopi Goldberg portrays Celie Harris Johnson, an African-American woman living in the early 20th century who endures abuse and discrimination at the hands of her father and spouse. Avery portrayed jazz vocalist and Celie’s romantic interest Shug Avery.

Glover’s character, Albert Johnson (also known as Mister), confronts Shug Avery about her infidelity during the filming of one of the film’s most emotionally charged sequences. In the sequence, Glover’s character repeatedly slaps and yells at Avery’s character. Avery was left in tears and emotionally drained by the tense scenario.

Avery characterised the experience in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter as “excruciating” and “devastating.” She stated that Glover’s performance was so potent and believable that it elicited an emotional response from her. She explained that the scenario reminded her of the abuse she had endured in the past. She said, “It just brought up old memories, and I lost it.”

Avery’s experience on the set of “The Color Purple” exemplifies the emotional toll that actors can incur when portraying emotionally taxing sequences. Acting requires a significant amount of emotional vulnerability and the ability to delve into profound and frequently painful emotions. Occasionally, the emotions depicted on screen can be too intense, and the line between the actor and the character can become muddled.

It also demonstrates the acting ability of Donald Glover. His ability to fully embody his character and elicit such strong emotions from his co-stars is evidence of his talent and dedication to his craft.

In the end, “The Color Purple” was a critical and commercial triumph, garnering eleven nominations for the Academy Award. The film’s emotional impact is a testimony to the effectiveness of storytelling and the actors’ ability to bring characters to life on the big screen.

In summation, Danny Glover’s acting abilities in “The Color Purple” were so impressive that they brought Margaret Avery to tears on set. The experience highlights the emotional toll that acting can have on actors and Glover’s talent as an actor. In the end, the success of the film is a testament to the strength of storytelling and the ability of actors to bring characters to life on screen.

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