Kanye West “Freaknik” Video Resurfaces Online

A racy video allegedly showing Kanye West at a Freaknik event has resurfaced. Predictably, the NSFW clip has gone viral on social media. However, this is not the first time the video has circulated on the internet. The clip was first posted on Reddit back in 2021. The footage comes on the heels of Hulu’s announcement that it was working on a new Freaknik documentary. Indeed, the news of the documentary has caused much discourse online. Moreover, some commenters have worried that their own Freaknik escapades may be broadcasted in the project.

No Jumper tweeted the video on Monday. The video appears to show Kanye West at a twerk contest. Multiple women are shown in bikinis while surrounded by a crowd of people. Subsequently, West is seen filming multiple women from behind while they dance in front of him. Many Twitter users found West’s deadpan reaction while filming the women to be humorous. Meanwhile, others expressed a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era.

Elsewhere, a small number of commenters have challenged the video’s veracity. The person in the clip is obviously Kanye. However, some internet sleuths have questioned if the event was indeed Freaknik. Online detectives have pointed out that the original Freaknik was shut down in 1999. In the clip, Kanye West is wearing the same polo and jeans combo he made iconic during the College Dropout years. Moreover, the men around West are wearing tall tees and baggy shorts. Indeed, the fashion trends seem to be more aligned with the early 00s than the late 90s. Additionally, the kind of cell phone West is filming with was not widely available at the time. Subsequently, some Twitter users have speculated that the video actually comes from a later event at Texas Kappa Beach.

Wherever the video was filmed, it has certainly caused a stir online. The announcement of the new Freaknik has created a renewed interest in the 90s staple. Although Hulu hasn’t announced when the documentary will be released, multiple think pieces have already been written up. It speaks to the event’s impact that it can still capture the imagination all these years later.

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