Tony Yayo Credits Angel Reese for Taking “You Can’t See Me” Dance to “A Whole ‘Nother Level” [Video]

It seemed the whole world had a take on Louisiana State University forward Angel Reese taunting the University of Iowa Hawkeyes’ star point guard Caitlin Clark at the end of the 2023 NCAA tournament’s championship game. In the closing minutes of the game, which LSU won 102-85, Reese gestured “You can’t see me” at Clark, who had done the same to an opponent earlier in the tournament.

While critics called Reese’s taunt “classless,” she also had her defenders, and discussion about the appropriateness of trash talk in women’s sports took over television for most of the week after. But one person’s name was missing from all the kerfuffle: The “you can’t see me” gesture’s originator, Tony Yayo.

Although the dance has been widely attributed to wrestler/movie star John Cena, Cena himself has admitted his use of the move was inspired by the G-Unit rapper, who waves his right hand in front of his face in the “So Seductive” video. Yayo finally broke his silence over the weekend during an interview with TMZ. “I’m cool with it, you know?” he said of the dance’s popularity. “It’s just a dance. I don’t take nothin’ personal. It was a dance I created because I was trying to hide from the police.”

He shouted out Cena, Clark, and Reese for keeping the dance in the public eye before noting, “Angel Reese? You know, she took the ‘U Can’t C Me’ dance to a whole ‘nother level.”

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