Father-of-12 Nick Cannon says he has felt ‘pressured’ to get a vasectomy

At this point, talking about having children seems to be Nick Cannon’s defining personality trait.

The 42-year-old TV personality – who, as a father-of-12, is the real-life version of Steve Martin’s character in the movie Cheaper By The Dozen – has opened up about how he’s felt pressured by society to stop procreating.

Hopping onto The Howard Stern Show this week, he reacted to the rumors that singer Taylor Swift is single again after six years, telling Stern whether not he would he’d be open to having a baby with the singer now that she’s a free agent.

“I’m all in. First of all, she’s an amazing songwriter. What I do love about Taylor Swift is that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music,” he said, adding: “Me and Taylor’s numbers are very similar when we’re talking about being in these streets. So, I think she would relate to me very well.”

The 42-year-old father-of-12 then also opened up about how society has reacted to his choice to keep fathering children, admitting to Stern that the comments and pressure from others does affect him. “It’s a scary thing. I felt pressured. I felt the world was trying to make me get a vasectomy. I don’t operate well under pressure. My body, my choice,” he said.

“You ever know what it’s like to be walking down the street and just a random stranger be like, ‘Man, you need to go get snipped?’ “I’m like, ‘I don’t even know you,'” he added.

Cannon was likely referring to an incident earlier this year, when he appeared via video link for CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage from Times Square in New York. At the time, he spoke to TV presenter Andy Cohen a few hours before the city rang in the New Year, with Cohen joking that Cannon was “single-handedly populating the earth.”

Cohen then asked Cannon: “What’s your plan? A vasectomy?” Cannon then responded: “Is that what you want me to get? This is my body, my choice.”

For those who are unaware, Cannon shares sons Rise Messiah, 11 weeks, and five-year-old Golden Sagon, as well as 23-month-old daughter Powerful Queen with model Brittany Bell. Model Brie Tiesi has five-month-old Legendary Love with Cannon, and model LaNisha Cole has a three-month-old daughter named Onyx Ice Cole with the TV personality.

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Nick Cannon, Golden Cannon and Brittany Bell (on of this baby mamas) pictured in 2022. Credit: MediaPunch Inc / Alamy

He also shares three children with DJ Abby De La Rosa – seven-week-old daughter Beautiful Zeppelin and twins Zion and Zillion, 18 months. Model Alyssa Scott has a seven-month daughter to Cannon, Halo Marie. Their son, Zen, sadly passed away in December 2021 from brain cancer. Mariah Carey also has two children with Cannon, 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

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