“It Felt Like My Organs were being Crushed,” Said a 20-Year-Old Woman from Florida After Having a 100-Pound Ovarian Cyst Removed

A 20-year-old woman from Florida has spoken out about her terrifying ordeal of having a 100-pound ovarian cyst removed, saying that it felt like her organs were being crushed.

Kayla Rahn had been experiencing excruciating pain and swelling in her abdomen for months, which she initially attributed to weight gain. However, when the pain became unbearable, she went to the emergency room, where doctors discovered the enormous cyst.

In an interview with ABC News, Rahn described the discomfort she had been experiencing prior to the surgery. “I couldn’t even walk to my car without losing my breath,” she said. “I was so out of breath just from my stomach being so big.”

The cyst had grown to a size that it was crushing her organs and had displaced her spleen, according to Dr. Gregory Jones, who performed the surgery. The mass was so large that it had to be removed in pieces and weighed in at over 100 pounds.

Rahn’s case is rare but not unheard of. According to Dr. Jones, it is not uncommon for ovarian cysts to grow to an enormous size, although 100 pounds is on the extreme end of the spectrum.

The surgery was a success, and Rahn is now recovering. She is grateful to the medical team that saved her life and is encouraging others to seek medical attention if they are experiencing any unusual symptoms.

“I would tell people to trust their gut,” Rahn said. “If something feels off, go get it checked out. You never know what it could be.”

In addition to being a cautionary tale about the importance of seeking medical attention when something feels wrong, Rahn’s story also sheds light on the physical and emotional toll that ovarian cysts can have on women.

The symptoms of ovarian cysts can range from mild discomfort to severe pain, and they can also lead to infertility and other complications. It is important for women to educate themselves about the symptoms of ovarian cysts and to seek medical attention if they are experiencing any of them.

While Rahn’s case was extreme, it is a reminder that taking care of our bodies and listening to our instincts is crucial to our overall health and well-being.

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