OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Sued By Family Of Slain Boyfriend For Funeral Expenses As She Fights Second-Degree Murder Charge

Courtney Clenney, the OnlyFans model accused of murdering Christian Obusmeli, is being dragged to court by her slain boyfriend’s family.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, the estate of Christian Obumseli is suing Clenny for negligence. The suit added the owner of the building where Obumseli was allegedly murdered and the security team for the condo as defendants.

Back in April 2022, Clenny was accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend inside their Miami condo. At the moment, she remains behind bars awaiting trial on second-degree murder charges.

The model claimed her actions were done in self-defense. Prosecutors denied the claim and said Clenney abused Obumseli both physically and mentally. Videos obtained by the prosecutors showed Clenney screaming at her boyfriend and calling him the N-word.

In the new lawsuit, the estate accused the defendants of negligence related to Obumseli’s death on April 3. The court filing stated, “On or about April 3, 2022, CHRISTIAN OBUMSELI, deceased, was fatally stabbed while within the subject premises within One Paraiso.”

The estate blames the owner of the condo building and the security team of failing to protect the subject premises’ residents and invitees, including “Christian Obumseli” from “reasonably foreseeable criminal attacks.”

In the lawsuit, the estate argued the defendants failed to provide adequate security for the condo building, failed to patrol the building, failed to hire adequate security personnel, failed to have a sufficient number of guards on site, and failed to train the security guards properly.

The suit claimed the building had inadequate protections to prevent said criminal acts such as his alleged murder.

The suit accused Clenney of negligence but did not bring other claims against her. The lawsuit read, “COURTNEY CLENNEY created and/or allowed to be created said dangerous conditions. Further, COURTNEY CLENNEY failed to warn subject building’s residents, invitees, and the public, including CHRISTIAN OBUMSELI, deceased, of the existence of said dangerous conditions; or in the alternative, did allow said dangerous conditions to exist for a length of time in which a reasonable inspection would have disclosed same.”

The estate has demanded unspecified damages for the past and future mental pain and suffering of Obumseli’s family, expenses for medical care and funeral arraignments, and the loss of his future support and services to his family.

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