Former LSU Track Star, Lolo Jones, Believes Shaquille O’Neal Was “High” When He Referred To Angel Reese As The University’s G.O.A.T [Video]

Lolo Jones criticized Shaquille O’Neal after he referred to Angel Reese as LSU’s greatest of all time.

Jones, a former LSU track star, recently learned about Shaq’s comments on his Big Podcast. During the episode, Shaq suggested Reese was the greatest athlete to emerge from Baton Rouge, which Jones strongly disagreed with. To make things worse, Jones even claimed Shaq hasn’t been in the right mindset since he had a hip surgery last month.

“Shaq knew what he was doing,” Jones said. “Shaq’s just bored. He’s coming off hip surgery. He’s chilling at home. I think Shaq, honestly, is high on some pain medicines. The list is so big with LSU.”

In addition, Jones added that Shaq was intentionally trying to create controversy by proclaiming Reese as LSU’s top-ranked athlete, knowing that it would generate interesting discussions among people.

“So, for Shaq to have the audacity to say ‘she’s the best ever,’” she continued, “I’m like, ‘Bro, chill on the pain meds,’ because that list is arduous. So long.”

Nevertheless, Jones says she isn’t throwing shade toward Reese but believes track and field is the “powerhouse” of the university.

“We’re not hating on Angel. We love to see it. She’s cooking. Let her keep cooking. But I’m telling you, LSU track and field is the powerhouse for that university,” Jones added.

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