50 Cent Says He’s Not Doing Any More ‘BMF’ Spinoffs Or Selling Shows To Starz

50 Cent is on the rampage against Starz once again.

The multihyphenate, otherwise known as Curtis Jackson, wrote on Instagram Thursday how he regrets ever working with Starz, despite growing his Power and BMF television empire with them, including three BMF spinoffs coming down the production line.

“I have the number 1, 2, 3, and 4 top Tv shows in African American, and Latina households and i hate that i did them with the wrong people,” he wrote. “I’m not doing any BMF spin offs or selling any other shows to STARZ.”

Some fans supported his call-out of the network, but others also pointed out that 50 Cent has said similar things like this before, such as when he called out the network in 2021 after it premiered one of the episodes of season one of BMF early.

Currently, the BMF spinoffs are still set for Starz, with 50 Cent saying in January, “They got some really, really smart executives coming in to help rebuild Starz in the right way. And it’s so exciting for me. You’ll get a chance to see three spinoff shows from BMF. It’s BMF immortal.”

He has also had a BMF docuseries greenlit with the network. The main BMF series has also been renewed for a third season.

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