‘Power Rangers’ Star Karan Ashley Reveals She Wore The Same Suit As Thuy Trang: ‘It Was A Privilege To Literally Step Into Her Shoes’

We really do stan the Yellow Rangers of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Being the Yellow Ranger on one of the most identifiable shows that transcends generations is many actors and actresses’ dreams. For Karan Ashley, that dream was realized when she was cast as Ashley, the Yellow Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

In a Facebook post, Ashley reflected on the moment she became the Yellow Ranger, the role she took over from the late and iconic Thuy Trang.

“Fun Fact… Did you know that Thuy and I wore the same Power Rangers suit?,” Ashley wrote.

She continued, “When I joined the show, they didn’t make a new suit for me but I wore the same one she wore. It needed to be hemmed and altered but inside of the PR suit said her name. I also wore the same boots. She was a size bigger than me but thick socks helped them fit properly.”

Ashley spoke of the honor it was to play the Yellow Ranger, writing “It was a privilege to literally step into her shoes. 💛”

She closed her memory with the following: “From this picture you can see we shared a lot of clothing. There isn’t an abundance of yellow clothes so the wardrobe department made some things work. 😘”

Fans of Power Rangers poured in also reflecting on the show and what the memories meant to them in their adolescence–and now.

One fan wrote: “Thank you for sharing that lovely story. Thuy was beautiful, As are you. You were both fantastic yellow rangers & a massive part of my teenage years. It was an honour to meet you. Xxx”

Another stated, “That is awesome, and an interesting fact that makes that transition even more meaningful! I’ll never forget either of you, and not just because of nostalgia! I’m sure you know that tho since the show it still going now!”

In a previous interview, Ashley talked about how she was nervous to step into the role those many years ago.

“I was very nervous at first,” she said to Adventures in Poor Taste, as reported by ComicBook.com. “The original three that had left the show were extremely popular and there were huge shoes to fill stepping into their roles. Once I stepped on set, the excitement of being a working actress took over and any nervousness left. We also had an entire team of people who were super supportive.”

She says the fans made her feel welcome as well, and still do so to this day.

“I love two things about being apart of this franchise. First, it’s the fans,” she added. “They are the most loyal group. When we were on the show, we were living out our dreams of becoming actors but we had no clue how the show was resonating with the fans.”

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