Ali Wong sends warning to women about men with micropenises after ‘falling for trap’ while on a date

Ali Wong may be on the promotional trail for her latest Netflix series, but her previous comedy specials are getting renewed attention — with hilarious results.

The 40-year-old comedian is currently starring in Beef – which some people are calling the best show they’ve ever watched – alongside The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun.

The 10-part comedy series, created by Lee Sung Jin for the production company A24, tells the story of two strangers and their newfound feud which was ignited by a random road rage incident.

Unbeknownst to them, however, the failing contractor and the unfulfilled entrepreneur are now involved in a clash that seems to bring out their deepest and darkest impulses.

In her previous comedy special, Wong dedicated her routine to a certain trap that women fall for – dating guys with a micropenis.

The actor and writer discussed the differences between straight men and women while dating in their 20s in her special Hard Knock Wife, saying: “Everybody knows the secret now… when a woman sleeps with a man right away, it’s not because we don’t respect ourselves. It’s because we don’t respect you.”

She added: “We don’t see you as marriage material, that’s why we let your d**k inside so fast. By letting you in, we’re really kicking you out of our future,” before joking that if a man doesn’t “sleep with you right away, it’s not because he respects you. It’s because he has a small d**k and he’s trying to trap you.”

Wong said that this scenario was one of the worst things that could happen to straight women, and urged women everywhere to “not fall for that trap”.

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She said: “I’m going to repeat that s**t to my daughter over and over and over again,” especially since she also “fell for that s**t once.”

In her routine, she explained that she fell in love and became romantically involved with a man who never wanted to get intimate, which she at the time simply attributed to him thinking she was “so special and amazing and worth waiting for,” without realizing that he was apparently “hiding something.”

When Wong and her ex-partner finally knocked boots, she said that he had: “This tiny mess of a thing that wouldn’t even reach your molars.” Unfortunately for her former partner, Wong said that this incident was the: “First and last time [she] had ever seen an actual micropenis.”

In fact, she even asked him if he had been in some sort of accident, simply because his member was so small.

Oof. That sounds rough… Here’s to hoping Wong’s ex wasn’t watching any of her stand-up specials!

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