In Order for Son Kross to Inherit Nipsey’s Fortune, Lauren London Was Given Guardianship of Kross.

The slain rapper Nipsey Hussle, who passed away earlier this year, left behind a family that is going through a difficult time right now. However, in order for certain legal matters to be resolved, Hussle’s partner, Lauren London, was awarded guardianship of their son, Kross Asghedom, who is three years old. Because of this decision, London will effectively take control of Nipsey’s fortune, including the half of his estate that Kross is slated to inherit.

It is expected that Kross, who has a net worth of one million dollars, will inherit fifty percent of Nipsey’s estate. It has been reported that London has experienced no difficulties in raising Kross together with Nipsey’s family.

Emani Asghedom, who is now ten years old, was Nipsey’s daughter from a previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tanisha Foster. Unfortunately, Foster’s family and Nipsey’s family have been involved in a number of custody battles regarding Emani. The court has decided that Foster is not a suitable mother for Emani, and as a result, they have granted guardianship of the child to Nipsey’s family.
Samiel Asghedom, Nipsey’s brother, is the person in charge of managing his estate, which is estimated to be worth $2 million. Reports indicate that Emani will receive the other half of the inheritance from the estate.

Nipsey and Lauren had a healthy relationship up until the tragic event that took place in March of this year when he passed away. The year 2013 marked the beginning of the couple’s relationship, and Kross was born the following year, in 2016. The shooting took place in front of the rapper’s store in Los Angeles, which is called Marathon Clothing. The person responsible for the murder of Nipsey is currently awaiting trial.

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