Netflix viewers left ‘traumatized’ by terrifying horror movie: ‘I am disturbed for life’

Netflix viewers have been left “traumatized” and squirming in their seats after watching a 2009 horror film, Splice.

The flick was originally released in 2010 and follows a young scientific couple named Elsa and Clive who attempt to introduce human DNA into their work of splicing animal genes.

After some success, the couple – who is played by Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody – is asked by the scientific body they work for to end their experiment.

However, the pair choose to continue working on their project in secret and soon end up developing an unusual-looking female creature.

The creature has a tail, wings, and hands with three fingers and ages much faster than humans which shocks the inquisitive scientists.

Elsa becomes attached to her experiment – which also mentally develops like a human child – so she and her partner decide to name it Dren and become its default parents.

However, later on in the haunting movie, Dren is moved to an isolated farm but they soon become bored of confinement and decide to wreak havoc.

After watching the 14-year-old movie – which was added to the streaming service last month – many viewers took to their social media to share their awe-struck reactions.

One horrified user wrote: “Just watched Splice, I am disturbed for life.”

Another person shared: “So they put Splice on Canadian Netflix and idk why they decided to let that traumatic a** movie available for all.”

A third user commented: “I’ve just watched Splice movie,” with a green vomit-faced emoji.

Lastly, a fourth user shared: “Splice is the weirdest f***ing movie I’ve ever seen.”

Elsewhere on the streaming giant, many people were left unable to “breathe” after watching the terrifying horror film, Huesera: The Bone Woman.

The Mexican movie tells the story of a woman named Valeria – played by actress Natalia Solián – who has long dreamed of being a mom. However, when she becomes pregnant, her dream of motherhood quickly turns into a nightmare after a supernatural entity curses her.

The trailer shows that after she finds out about her new bundle of joy, she tells an older woman that she is “delighted,” however that same lady says to her: “Funny, you’re not a kid person.” She is then seen constantly cracking her back and knuckles.

Watch the Huesera: The Bone Woman trailer below:

As danger closes in, the mom-to-be is pushed deeper into a chilling world of dark magic that seeks to destroy her, with a female voice telling her: “What is happening to you is quite normal. When you become a mother, you feel like you are split in two. And wait for labor time. You literally feel like your bones are breaking.”

Several people left their stunned reactions on social media, with one person writing: “Huesera: The Bone Woman (2022) A movie I absolutely love for what it’s saying and how it communicates it.

“I can’t watch this ever again though, holy f*** at times I felt like I couldn’t breathe… I feel like my hair’s gone gray just from watching this. 7.0,” they added.

Splice is available to watch on Netflix and Huesera: The Bone Woman is available on Prime Video.

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