Lizzo flooded with praise as she responds to Candace Owens’ fatphobic rant about her

Lizzo has been commended for her powerful response to Candace Owens’ fatphobic rant about her.

Controversial podcast host Candace Owens is at it again. This week, she body-shamed the 34-year-old ‘About Damn Time’ singer after she quote-tweeted a post penned by health coach Gina Bontempo.

Bontempo shared a nude picture of Lizzo sipping tea with the caption: “Obesity is on the rise, and yet women are told by celebrities and the media that being obese is normal and ‘healthy’. You never see them try this with men. Only women are insecure enough to fall for it.”

It wasn’t long until the 33-year-old conservative pundit entered the chat with her two cents on the Grammy-winning singer’s figure.

Check out Owens’ posts below:

In her message, she managed to be anti-trans, sexist, and anti-fat as she wrote: “Only women could be emotionally manipulated into supporting their own eradication via support for ‘trans men’.

“Only women could be fooled into supporting a death cult of ‘fat acceptance’,” she went on. “Today’s cultural battles prove that women are more irrational and emotional than men.”

She continued her rant about Lizzo in a second tweet that read: “If you peep comments on any of Lizzo’s ‘fat acceptance’ photos, you will undoubtedly find a score of batshit insane women telling her that she looks beautiful. Men do not lie to other men in this way. They do not pretend that clinical obesity is beauty.”

After seeing her posts, many users on the social media platform quickly rushed to the singer’s defense as one person penned: “@lizzo is more talented, more loved, and infinitely funnier than you are. Mind your glass house before casting stones.”

Another user stated: “Lizzo be out here minding her business and miserable lowlifes on the internet always got some kind of miserable opinion.”

A third person added: “Hate and negativity is on the rise too. You’re leading the charge.”

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer herself has also hit back against the hurtful remarks made by Owens by sharing a powerful video on Instagram.

She donned a bathrobe in the short video and said: “I just finished showering and doing my little routine, and you know what I realized? I am f***ing gorgeous. I am the beauty standard. Catch up b***h.”

Watch Lizzo’s response below:

Many people praised Lizzo’s body-positive message, as one fan applauded: “Keep up the body positivity!! You are legit gorgeous and have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. Your face glows without makeup, it’s miraculous!! Your positivity will always win against their negativity.”

wp-image-1263206975 size-full

Credit: Instagram

A second person remarked: “Damn straight! We all need to be more like Lizzo. I AM THE BEAUTY STANDARD!”

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Credit: Instagram

A third user commented: “Lizzo!! I love you!! I’m a plus-size woman and you’ve made me embrace my beautiful curves. Thanks for representing the big girls. Thanks for also putting big girls in your shows, videos, as backup dancers.. etc. we need to see it to believe we can do it sometimes, so thanks for not being afraid to be you!”

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Credit: Instagram

Lizzo is not one to remain quiet when someone makes a comment about her body, and we love her for it.

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