Jonathan Majors Says Video Proves He Didn’t Injure Now Ex-Girlfriend Who Went Clubbing After Incident

Jonathan Majors is trying to offer up more proof that he’s innocent — and, much like the text messages, we’re not sure the ‘proof’ is enough to vindicate him.

According to Jonathan’s defense, the man who was driving him and his now ex-girlfriend will testify the actor did not strike her — and he claims there’s video proof she was not injured when she went out to a club after their altercation.

via TMZ:

Jonathan’s attorney Priya Chaudhry filed docs Wednesday in Manhattan, informing the court the driver witnessed what went down between Jonathan and the woman back in March. According to the docs, around 1 AM, the driver saw the woman assault Majors “while she was attempting to steal his phone.”

Further, the driver will testify Majors never struck the alleged victim “in any way at any time, or even raised his voice.” Majors and his attorney also say the driver saw her “hitting, scratching, and attacking” Jonathan … and that Jonathan asked the driver to stop the car, so he could escape her attack … which he did.

The woman allegedly told police she suffered a broken finger and a laceration behind her ear during the altercation — however, in the document, Chaudhry says they have proof that’s a “complete lie.”

She says they have hours of security videos showing the woman went clubbing and got drunk after Majors left her in the car — and she also texted him, accusing him of infidelity and threatening suicide.

As for when she was out at a nightclub … Majors court filing includes screen shots of security video showing the woman freely using her right hand, which she claimed Majors injured.

In the videos, they say she casually pushes her hair behind her right ear, reaches into her bag several times, sorts through credit cards, handles phones, holds a menu and and easily holds a glass of champagne.

They say she was seen partying pretty hard, throwing back shots and champagne with friends without any visible sign of injury.

When her night out at the club was over, they claim she showed up at Majors home at 3:23 AM … entered his apartment, and called him 32 times and sent several angry, jealous text messages. Majors was not home when she got there.

Chaudhry says none of the text messages accuse Jonathan of injuring her, nor does she mention any discomfort from alleged injuries.

They say Majors got home at 11:13 AM, and found her unconscious and half naked on the floor of his walk-in closet. He also discovered she allegedly threw up in his bed, and told him she’d taken “a few sleeping tablets.”

Majors then called 911, and says when paramedics arrived, the woman allegedly repeatedly told them “I don’t know” when asked what happened to her.

In the document, Chaudhry claims body cam footage shows police interviewing the woman, and “clearly coaching her to say that Mr. Majors grabbed her by the throat.” Chaudhry claims the alleged victim never made that claim to anyone prior to the officer’s direction.

Chaudhry and Majors want the D.A. to review their evidence swiftly and “dismiss these false charges against him.”

How many times have any of us functioned with an injured finger? It’s really not that hard. Also, being drunk and emotional doesn’t mean an abusive incident didn’t happen.

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