DaBaby Wants To Work With Megan Thee Stallion Again, But Fans Are Telling Him To Knock It Off [Video]

DaBaby has said that he’s not opposed to doing a whole joint album with Megan Thee Stallion despite their very public falling out.

via: Uproxx

If there was a hall of fame for the biggest bag fumbles in entertainment, DaBaby would certainly breeze into it as a first-ballot entry. After blowing up in a massive way in 2019 with his album Baby On Baby, he quickly became one of the most recognizable stars in rap, racking up a slew of Billboard hits on the way, including a feature on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cash Sh*t” from her 2019 EP Fever.

Then, he blew it, first by siding with her attacker Tory Lanez after she claimed Lanez shot her, bringing out the Canadian rapper during his Rolling Loud set in 2021 (just after Megan herself left the stage), then by making some homophobic comments onstage in that same set. The true bag fumble, though, was in his refusal to acknowledge his wrongdoing, only begrudgingly issuing halfhearted apologies like a recalcitrant pre-teen; you could feel the insincerity oozing through your device screens.

Since then, his fortunes have fallen to the point he more regularly makes headlines for failing to sell tickets to his shows than for any successes he achieves. Even lions, as a collective, seemingly don’t f*ck with him anymore.

That didn’t stop him from making yet another bid to return to the public’s good graces — this time; by telling TMZ that he’s still cool with Megan Thee Stallion and inviting her to collaborate with him again.

This seems an unlikely outcome; at his lowest point last summer, he tried to garner attention for his new album Baby On Baby 2 by courting controversy with “Boogeyman,” a tired single in which he claimed to have had sex with Meg days before her shooting. The headline play backfired, with fans censuring him for his poor taste and the album still only selling a paltry 16,000 album-equivalent units in the first week (compared to the 124,000 of its predecessor).

Fans weren’t too happy to hear him still trying to ride Megan’s coattails. Twitter users dragged the North Carolina rapper like Linus’ blanket, pointing out what should be obvious: that he has effectively burned that particular bridge and has no one to blame but himself now that his career is sinking like a stone in the river below. I guess it isn’t all water under the bridge.

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