Florida Couple Reportedly Shot At After Arriving At The Wrong Address During An Instacart Grocery Delivery

Just a few weeks following Ralph Yarl’s shooting incident, a Florida couple was reportedly shot at while making an Instacart delivery.

According to WTVJ, Waldes Thomas and his girlfriend, Diamond D’arville, were making a grocery delivery in Broward County when they accidentally arrived at the wrong address and walked onto the property. In Thomas’s statement to the outlet, he claims a male homeowner asked for their identity and later followed them to his truck.

“I had seen him pull out a gun and that’s when I said, ‘We got to go, we got to go,’” D’arville said. “I was scared, I’m not going to lie.”

After their vehicle was fired upon multiple times, the couple stopped and contacted Davie police.

“We were there for Instacart, we were trying to tell him, and he went about it the wrong way, instead of just calling police, saying ‘I have trespassers on my lawn,’ he decided to shoot,” Thomas added.

Instacart later released a statement regarding the incident and says they’re cooperating with authorities to locate the suspect.

“The safety of the entire Instacart community is incredibly important to us, and we take immediate action when we receive reports of violence or threats of violence made against any member of the Instacart community. We have reached out to the shopper and will cooperate with law enforcement on any ongoing investigation,” Instacart said.

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