Olympian’s Silver Medal Sold to Fund Life-Saving Surgery for Polish Baby

Maria Andrejczyk, a 25-year-old javelin thrower and Olympian, has made headlines after selling her silver medal to raise funds for an 8-month-old Polish baby in need of life-saving surgery in the United States. Miloszek Maysa was born with severe cardiac problems, and his family had been struggling to raise the 1.5 million Polish zloty necessary for the specialized surgery he requires.

After learning of Miloszek’s situation, Andrejczyk took to Facebook to announce her decision to auction off her Olympic silver medal, with the aim of raising $190,000 to contribute to the baby’s medical expenses. Her selfless gesture has earned her widespread praise and admiration, with many social media users hailing her as a real-life heroine.

The auction was won by Polish convenience retailer Zabka, who announced on Twitter that they were deeply impressed by Andrejczyk’s gesture and would be sponsoring the Mioszek campaign to ensure that the baby receives the necessary medical care. They also urged Andrejczyk to keep her special hardware as a symbol of her remarkable achievement and selflessness.

For Andrejczyk, the decision to sell her silver medal was a simple one. “For me, it is a symbol of struggle, faith, and the pursuit of ambitions despite significant hardships,” she wrote in a statement. “But Miloszek’s life is worth more than any medal. That is why I have decided to auction off my silver medal, to help raise the necessary funds for his surgery.”

Miloszek’s family is deeply grateful for Andrejczyk’s kindness and generosity, and they have set up a fundraising page to collect donations for their son’s medical expenses. Despite the difficult nature of his case, they remain hopeful that he will be able to receive treatment at Stanford University Medical Center, where doctors have expertise in treating complex cardiac conditions.

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