‘Snowfall’: Damson Idris Ad-Libbed Many Of Franklin’s Final Lines Throughout The Finale

Many of Snowfall‘s iconic final moments weren’t written on the page–they were improvised by Damson Idris himself.

The final scene of the FX series features Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), now emotionally broken and destitute, walking the streets of his Los Angeles neighborhood with his friend Leon (Isaiah John), who has come back from Ghana. As they walk, they see a young John Singleton filming Boyz ‘N the Hood. The lines Franklin says during this scene are all created by Idris on the spot. One of them being Franklin yelling to the film production crew, “Y’all ain’t gon’ win no Oscar!”

Idris also says in character, “Sexy, chocolate [N-word] like me, can’t keep a bitch.” But the tearjerker line is when Franklin tells Leon, “You’re my best friend and I’m proud of you.”

“The real heartbreaker with him and Leon standing there,” said showrunner Dave Andron to Variety. “Part of it was wanting to really push Isaiah and get Isaiah as Leon to the point of breaking and when Damson leaned in and was like, ‘You’re my best friend and I’m proud of you.’ That was Damson. I was like, ‘Oh my God, and that broke Isaiah. It was perfect. It was unbelievable.”

The Snowfall series finale showed the complete aftermath of Franklin’s fall from his career a kingpin who destroyed his community by peddling crack cocaine. In the end, he has ruined relationships with his family and friends (or were responsible for their deaths).

As Shadow and Act reported, Andron told Deadline that he felt Snowfall could serve as a prequel to Boyz N’ the Hood.

“If you think about it in some ways, Snowfall is a little bit like a prologue to Boyz, and how the neighborhood got to the point you experience in the film,” he said. “We did jump forward in time a number of years and we didn’t put an actual date on it but the newspapers that Leon steps on the street are from September 1990, which was when John started filming Boyz ‘N the Hood. It was very intentional to drop back into that moment in time to pick up that story where John picked it up with the movie. That was a little tip of the hat to him.”

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