Mississippi Cousins Dead After Going To Woman’s Home To Fight Her [Video]

Two Mississippi cousins are dead after showing up at another woman’s house to confront her.

The shocking incident unfolded on Tuesday. That afternoon, 33-year-old Karissa Job and 24-year-old Tiateiyuna Day went to a home in Holmes County to face off with another woman. It’s unclear what the altercation was about, to begin with, but much of the argument was captured during a Facebook Live stream. One woman is heard yelling for another to get away from her car. At some point, the woman who lives at the home on Emory Road is seen shooting the cousins after they all exchange words. A child can be seen in the frame close by where the shots rang out.

Police say by the time they responded to the residence, both women had been shot. Sadly, one of them passed away at the scene, while the other died en route to a nearby hospital.

The unidentified woman who fired the fatal shots could be let off the hook since the cousins were on her property. As the investigation progresses, she is expected to claim self-defense if charges are filed. No matter the circumstances, Sheriff Willie March says the entire ordeal was preventable.

“No one is taking the time to talk through their problems. They’re not even taking the time to call law enforcement, which I think is a mistake,” March stated.

As of now, no arrests have been made.

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