Bow Wow ‘Thankful’ He Wasn’t Able To Touch Money He Earned Until He Was 18

Bow Wow is giving his candid opinion over his finances during the period when he was breaking into the music industry.

The Ohio rapper made an appearance on Real Lyfe Street Starz, during which he explained how being famous before becoming an adult comes with an important caveat – not being able to legally access your own money may not be the worst thing ever.

“You don’t really see it. You just doing all the work and you getting, you know all the gifts and treats for being famous, but as far as being able to touch the bag, you don’t touch it,” Bow Wow said. “I’ll go back to your question when you said what’s the gift and the curse, that would probably be the only thing that for the first five years of my career I couldn’t touch none of my money.”

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He added: “If I would have came in the game at 19 or 18, I probably would’ve tapped out the game cause I would’ve been like it’s crazy that I’m seeing this type of paper and I get to touch it as soon as I hit. So I was kind of thankful for that.”

Bow Wow has been an advocate of promoting financial literacy in hip-hop. In January, he expressed his desire to create a union for the culture that would in a similar vein of the NBA’s Player Association.

“Hip hop needs a board!” Bow Wow wrote at the time. “No different than the NBA w/ the players association. A committee. That can set rules and keep things in control and protect this thing we call hip hop! And have a retirement plan for the og rappers. I hate seeing my heros liquor’d out no money just washed.”


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