10 gestures that show you care and they’re more meaningful to your man than “I Love You”

1. Understand him

Make genuine efforts to understand him. Men and women are different in many aspects. Therefore, its needs some efforts by both of them to understand about each other.

2. Let him be

Whenever your man wants to spend some time alone then, allow him. Space is essential for giving a boost to any relationship and a girl who understands that, will be loved by her man forever. In addition, this would even trigger your absence in his mind.

3. Don’t extend a fight

Women tend to stick to a point and extend it for hours, while men like to point out the issue and forget it. If a woman extends a fight for several hours together, it becomes a huge headache for a man. You should actually point out things that you don’t like because this will make him much more understanding and better in his approach next time.

4. Wait for him

Nothing is lovelier than a woman waiting for her man to return home, or on a date, in spite of him being late. He might feel bad once he comes in, but he will surely love you so much more just for the fact that you waited for him to come back.

5. Make him feel special

Doing things that he likes, giving him space, dressing the way he likes, going to parties with his friends, making small surprise arrangements for him are sure to make your guy fall in love with you all over again.

6. Make his favorite food

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you can cook his favorite food items and cheer him up, you will always have a special place in his heart.

7. Don’t behave suspiciously

When a girl behaves suspiciously, cross-questioning every statement he makes, it can be quite irritating for him. Instead, he would prefer her to talk straight and sort out the issue with him. Guys don’t like to be raised fingers at. It means an insult to their love and honesty for their girl.

8. Stop assuming things

If you assumes things about your man, it is sure to piss him off. Guys would really prefer being asked a question, rather than, you assuming silly things and generating a fight for no reason.

9. Love him for what he is

If you can do this, your guy is sure to love you even more. If you don’t try to change him for the better, he would really appreciate that. Loving the guy, as he is, for what he is, gives his girlfriend hundreds of brownie points over just the three words of “I love you”.

10. Respect him

Try your best to treat him like he really matters in your life because all men love to be respected. Thank him often that he made you feel worthy of your presence in his life.

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