Faith Evans Reveals Missy Elliot’s Role in Finding Lil Kim

Faith Evans, a popular R&B singer, and Lil Kim, a rap legend, have had a complicated history. The two women were both in love with the late rapper Notorious B.I.G. While he was dating and writing bars for Kim, he eventually married and had children with Faith. Both women were heavily associated with Bad Boy Records, making it hard for them to avoid each other. However, during the height of their beef, Faith needed help tracking down Kim, and it appears Missy Elliot came to her aid.

Faith Evans and Lil Kim’s longstanding beef has been documented and followed for many years. In 1994, Faith Evans married the late Notorious BIG six weeks after they met. Evans attributes the quick marriage to being young and in love. However, Notorious B.I.G. was known to be a womanizer, which led to constant battles between Evans and his mistresses.

During the premiere of Centric’s show ‘Being,’ Faith Evans shared a story about the time she caught the late rapper in a hotel room with another woman. Evans recalls kicking the door open and attacking the woman immediately. She also discussed the many times she had to battle Notorious B.I.G.’s mistresses. One time, the singer found a Polaroid of a woman in Biggie’s car. Somehow, Faith managed to find the woman’s address and showed up at her apartment. While she did put her hands on the mistress, Faith says her goal was to only scare her.

While the names of Biggie’s mistresses remained private, one person is well-known: Lil Kim. Faith Evans details a time when she was eager to lay hands on Kim. Shortly after marrying Biggie, Evans became aware of her husband’s various affairs. Before finding out about Kim, Faith admits to actually being a fan of hers. Because of this, she was shocked and upset to find out they were sleeping together.

By the time she found out about Kim, Faith says she was already on the outs with Biggie over a few other women. This did not stop Faith from wanting to lay hands on her. In her memoir, Keep The Faith, she opens up about how Missy Elliott helped make this possible. While working out of Diddy’s studio in New York, Elliott ran into Lil Kim and quickly called and alerted Faith that she was there.

A pregnant Faith says she grabbed her cousin and ran down to the studio. When she got there, she ambushed Kim and jumped on her. Label head Diddy and her future husband Stevie J had to swoop in to break things up. Considering how close Missy and Lil Kim are these days, fans were surprised that she would set something like this up.

While some fans believe it to be a lie, others argue that this would not have made it into her memoir if it was not the truth. Evans and Kim have since mended their issues and have even worked on music together. The two women may have had a complicated past, but it seems like they have found a way to move forward and put the drama behind them.

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