Denzel Washington and Wife, Pauletta Washington Will Be Celebrating 40-Years Of Marriage This Year

In 2022, we saw quite a few celebrity couples call it quits. However, one couple that has stood the test of time has been Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta Washington. Denzel and Pauletta Washington have been married for nearly 40 years. The couple met in college and has been together for over 45 years.

While their love story seems easy now, Denzel proposed to Pauletta three times because she told him ‘No’ twice. One year after marriage, the couple welcomed their first child, John David Washington, July 28, 1984. John is now known as a well-known actor starring in films BlacKkKlans man, and Malcolm & Marie. Their second child, Katia Washington, was born two years later in 1986 and also an actress. In 1991, the couple welcomed a set of twins, Malcolm and Olivia Washington, both individuals also work in the entertainment industry.

While appearing on The Ellen Show, the actor was asked about his secret to maintaining a long-term, successful marriage. Denzel responded with a simple answer, “I do what I’m told.” This statement echoes Denzel’s sentiment regarding his wife and marriage. In 2017, the actor attributed their successful marriage to him “marrying up.” According to Denzel, Pauletta’s upbringing was a bit different from his childhood. Her family had love and closeness he had never experienced, and Denzel knew he wanted it.

This year Denzel and Pauletta will be celebrating their 40-year anniversary.

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