8 Factors Proven By Science That Cause People To Cheat

Relationships are barely ever easy. There are always a thousand things that could go wrong but one has to keep working in order to make things work.

Infidelity in relationships is always a question that one cannot ignore, no matter how much it upsets someone. Infidelity is a reality but not everyone cheats or will cheat. There are a lot of things that may make someone cheat, even if they are constantly fighting the urge to cheat on their partner.

Following are some reasons why people are pushed towards cheating on their partner:

1. Emotional distance
In these times, a lot of people think and agree that people get into and stay in relationships for “that” but that is not the case at all. Studies have shown that when a man and woman do not have any emotional compatibility and do not feel close to each other, they end up being unfaithful to their partner. Relationships demand a certain type of sensitivity as well, which starts to disappear in both parties.

2. If they have done it once, they might do it again
Cheating is just in some people’s habits. People are likely to cheat repeatedly after they have done it once because it becomes a part of their behavioral pattern.

3. Boredom in a relationship
A relationship has more to it than just comfort. While it is always desirable that the people in a relationship find comfort within each other, once someone gets too comfortable, things start to get stale. There is barely any excitement or willingness to try new things. Sex becomes routine and there is just no spice left anymore. This may lead to one of the parties cheating on their partner, just for something new.

4. Quarter life crisis
After people reach middle age, they start to face a crisis and a need to do something that they may not have done in their lives, just to feel like they are alive and are not withering away with age. I am not saying that turning 35 is the sole reason someone might cheat on their significant other but it can definitely be one of the contributing factors. If someone is truly faithful, forget age, because nothing would make them cheat.

5. Social media dependence
We all love social media and there is nothing wrong with that. Periodic validation from other people on the internet is great but the problem arises when social media and virtual interaction takes precedence over real time, face to face conversation. When you spend a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you find an opportunity and space to be unfaithful to your partner since there is always a chance that they are not a part of your virtual life.

6. Work trips
Well, we know a lot about these, thanks to all the TV shows and movie tropes. While you might think it is just a trope, allow me to tell you that it is not. Studies have shown that 34% of the men who cheat on their wives do so on the business trips they take. The percentage is not too bad with women either, because about 15% of them indulge in amorous relationships at their workplaces. These things are also likely to happen from the 6th to 9th year of a marriage, so look out if the duration of your marriage falls under this bracket.

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7. No oxytocin
Studies and research have shown that oxytocin, which is basically the affection and love hormone, can be one of the reasons for someone to cheat on their partner. If they do not find a surge of this particular hormone when they are with their partner, they are tempted to cheat. Sadly, patience is the key here but not everyone knows that.

8. It is just how they are
Look, we cannot disregard the fact that some people are just not made for committed relationships. They are compulsive cheaters and will cheat even if they are in an extremely fulfilling relationship.

Cheating might be a reality and intentional in some cases, but in others it can be a genuine mistake. Think before you act.

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